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  • It pulls something in the community section on how I plan on doing monthly give away.

  • So I'm gonna continue to try that.

  • So for the month of June, I have two kids.

  • I'm gonna give away toe one lucky winner.

  • Now, in order to win this give away, you're gonna have to, of course, be subscribed to me like and comment this video, and I'm gonna pick one lucky person from down below, and they're going to get these two awesome kits Now.

  • I want to give a big thank you to us a Gundam.

  • They're the ones that sponsor this video.

  • Do it Give away for you guys.

  • I'm gonna have a link down description below to their store.

  • And don't forget to use my code compliment for 10% off.

  • Now, let's get started into the goods of the video.

  • So the first Kitt that's gonna be the giveaway is gonna be, uh, this little guy right here. 00:00:57.460 --> 00:01:1.410 Now, as you guys know, I am a huge fan of the high grade line. 00:01:1.880 --> 00:01:10.110 I used to only do master grade, but now I just prefer the hybrid line just because of the size, the more variety of kids.

  • And there's so much easier to store because once you get to like massive size like this, sometimes you just don't have the room for master.

  • Great.

  • So I'm a friend of high grade and this guy When I saw him, I was like, He's so cool.

  • So I thought he would be a good kid to give away to get somebody started a hubby and the 2nd 1 I hope you guys are pretty excited for this one because I actually just watched a movie the other week.

  • And I absolutely love this art already throwing some hints as to what the kid's gonna be.

  • It is this a non Jew Stein.

  • He is a big boy.

  • So one lucky person is gonna win both of these kids right here.

  • Get them in the video.

  • So someone's gonna get to these kids in the mouth and again, in order to win, just remember to be subscribed, which you already should be. 00:01:57.550 --> 00:02:1.470 Subscribe to me, please subscribe and then, like Uncommon defeated. 00:02:1.470 --> 00:02:1.950 I'm alone. 00:02:1.950 --> 00:02:7.140 I'm when he used to spot to pick somebody random from the comment section and you'll get these tickets in the mail. 00:02:7.140 --> 00:02:15.430 And I also like I said, I have two more kids to give a wave plan for the next month and hopefully every other month After that, I would be giving something away.

  • Hope you guys are happy with two kids.

  • I think I like him a lot.

  • So I hope you guys Will s Well, now there's also something else I wanted to show You have got a lot of comments on my previous video about how you want to see more of the book that I showed in the other giveaway video.

  • So now I'm gonna show you guys probably just one book today and maybe our film the second book down the road because it's a lot of pages the two books combined.

  • Uh uh uh uh.

  • More theme for the video. 00:13:57.390 --> 00:14:3.430 Hope you guys enjoyed it and hope you guys are excited for the future giveaways Only doing as well again. 00:14:3.430 --> 00:14:4.330 Thank you so much for walk. 00:14:4.940 --> 00:14:5.990 Thank you so much for watching. 00:14:5.990 --> 00:14:8.280 Don't forget to subscribe like and commented video.

It pulls something in the community section on how I plan on doing monthly give away.


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