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  • It's getting there.

  • It's like New York.

  • You have these underground.

  • We do.

  • We have a whole world underneath ours.

  • Our streets.

  • Excellent production.

  • What can I tell you, Mr Vince?

  • I don't My goodness, you did such an extraordinary job in this movie.

  • I wanted to know when you first got the material.

  • What was your initial reaction to it?

  • Well, I was extremely profoundly moved on DDE.

  • Then when I heard that Steven Dollar was going to be directed at whom I had admired, I was very prison said yes, immediately bail on Duh it.

  • And also the fact that the renter is silent character also made him or more interesting to me.

  • But I mean, it is a story about the 9 11 on its support story about somebody who chooses a therapy to come over the trauma of the shock on D does it without knowing that it is that it is a therapy on.

  • But it works.

  • It works.

  • And it's a wonderful story.

  • Also, about a relationship between a father and the son.

  • Absolutely.

  • Yes, I want to ask you in terms of Let's talk about doing a silent character.

  • Um, I don't even know how how you ended up getting through it because everything was obviously in the expression in your eyes and your face, your everything.

  • It's to me.

  • It's spoke louder than words.

  • How do you take take on a character like that?

  • Well, I didn't do anything.

  • Our problems didn't do anything different from if, from the part of the same cart speaking, I just didn't speak. 00:01:57.610 --> 00:02:5.150 It's It is the same ideas of the same purpose every time. 00:02:6.150 --> 00:02:39.100 And what I want to do is show what the character in that moment wants to do, not what he feels that comes afterwards that comes automatically when he when I know what I as the character want to do, and, uh, and also how we react to what is around you and to the people and, uh, well.

  • So it's not very different from I wouldn't say it's different at all.

  • Is it just the fact that I don't have my voice?

  • Is it a relief for you not to have to learn any lines?

  • Yes, well, my memory's going.

  • It's very bad.

  • So a lot of work spared.

  • Yes, please. 00:02:58.350 --> 00:03:2.050 Uh, you've got to tell me about your first impressions of young Thomas Horne. 00:03:2.060 --> 00:03:5.650 This kid is extraordinary, is extraordinary. 00:03:7.450 --> 00:03:9.050 Tell me about working with him and no one. 00:03:9.050 --> 00:03:13.660 No, it it was a pleasure because he he was very well prepared.

  • And of course, he is a very intelligent young man on dhe.

  • It was never, never any reason to come to say.

  • Come here, young man.

  • I'll tell you what to do.

  • No, no, no.

  • He knew what to do.

  • In the end, he he knew what the character of Oscar was thinking and feeling.

  • Andi.

  • He did it.

  • He showed it.

  • And he had, For example, he had a long, long, long monologue.

  • When I saw it, I thought I talked to Steven.

  • How are you going to do this?

  • Because you can't do this at one.

  • Yes, he will do that.

  • And he did.

  • He did it.

  • And he did it again and again.

  • Long, like was eight minutes or something like that on. 00:03:58.660 --> 00:04:4.000 Did not slowly, very intensely delivered under he used. 00:04:4.630 --> 00:04:7.150 Was there anything that you did special with him to create a bond? 00:04:8.710 --> 00:04:11.210 No, No, I don't think so.

  • I No, I just weigh.

  • Just communicated.

  • And, uh, I think the bond cave automatically it's so did, sir.

  • It was so, so wonderful to watch the two of you together.

  • You know, this movie I I was telling everybody he just need a box of Kleenex.

  • You have.

  • You just feel so cathartic after seeing.

  • But it's so emotional.

  • Was there ever a movie that you just sat in a theater already remember and just cried and cried something that really impacted you that I was in order either way?

  • Either way? 00:04:42.820 --> 00:05:2.490 Well, I'm sure that was I don't remember now, but but it's very rarely happens that I'm moved by his script this time I waas I was in a film a few years ago and I had one day of shooting. 00:05:2.490 --> 00:05:17.060 I had two little scenes in it, but it was written with very well written, also very moving, very moving story about a man who had lost his ability to communicate.

  • Really, he was totally, totally paralyzed, and the only thing he could do was to blink on dhe.

  • He spoke by through blinking, and there were people who had patients enough to communicate him through that.

  • And I was this poor man's father.

  • And that script moved me also profoundly.

  • I remember seeing that movie the Toronto Film Festival, Diving Bell and the Butterfly under another amazing performance.

  • Well, I just want to congratulate you on this.

  • You, uh I think we're going to see you at the Oscars And Mark.

  • So congratulations to you and, uh, such a pleasure to have a chance to talk to you.

  • Thank you so much.

It's getting there.


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