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  • Caroline denied the charge, and Burton withdrew the complaint.

  • But the Crown Prosecution Service decided to proceed.

  • Over the last three months, the details of Caroline's personal and professional life collapsing became public Front covers magazines, newspapers trending online.

  • In the wake of Caroline's death, close friends and with some irony, the media have raised questions about how much press intrusion on online bullying played a part.

  • Ultimately, the causes of suicide are no.

  • There is mounting evidence to suggest that technology can play a role.

  • Suicide rates among teenagers in the UK have almost doubled in eight years, figures have shown.

  • The ubiquity of social media is thought to play a part. 00:00:56.840 --> 00:01:6.450 Caroline's supporters are warning against knocking someone down, invading someone's privacy and saying that people need to reflect on how they behave online. 00:01:7.340 --> 00:01:8.260 Today's debrief. 00:01:8.270 --> 00:01:18.250 I sat down with activists Gina Martin she's being harassed by online trolls over her campaigning, and she spoke about the toll that bullying contain on someone's mental health.

  • Well, I think even if you know what's we're not even talking about what's led her to pass away.

  • But even if we just talk about what what led her to have difficulties with the mental health, even more so in a final sort of years.

  • I can't imagine the impact that that many people coming at you 24 hours a day has.

  • I've had a short on small experience of it, but it had been nothing like what Caroline is experience.

  • So I would imagine that kind of the trial by social media is everyone's kind of explaining it now.

  • Is that a huge impact on our economy and how it couldn't off?

  • You're young and female and lead a very public and successful campaign to outlaw upskirting. 00:01:57.400 --> 00:02:1.430 What is the experience being like for you as your platform group? 00:02:1.700 --> 00:02:4.460 I went from working in the office. 00:02:4.600 --> 00:02:13.950 Andi just secretly doing this campaign is a hobby, basically on then, within a year, I was getting raped threats like most days that whenever I did media, I'll get right through it.

  • Some of them are really specific.

  • I would just get comments on how I looked all the time.

  • Sexist comment, some ideas.

  • People were emailing may people making, like fake accounts playing to be me, and it's so insidious.

  • And it means that whenever you reach into your phone to call your dad like set a counter reminder, you're just getting battered with this.

  • This language that just makes you question your value makes you question, What have I done that someone seems making me that they've just like me?

  • This marshal is really, really insidious, like I can just see immediately how that words Daniel mental health.

  • And it's the consistency in the compounding nature of it that wears you down over a long period of time.

  • It was really hard for me, and mine was on a minute scale.

  • So a lot of women you made an important point to me just a few minutes ago before we started filming about this separation between online and offline behavior. 00:03:0.020 --> 00:03:2.340 To me about that, we have to stop stop writing online. 00:03:2.340 --> 00:03:4.230 Offline online is off line. 00:03:4.230 --> 00:03:5.020 It's the same thing. 00:03:5.030 --> 00:03:8.380 It's people in the world sending masters, even the language we use. 00:03:8.380 --> 00:03:9.900 You know, we talked about trolling right.

  • We talked about that like it's some kind of breed of person who's in a basement in their mom's house and they sit there all day and they do this thing on their monster.

  • It's actually just people save your coffee.

  • It's people who work in the offices on dhe.

  • We have to be better like digital, um, citizens and about digital community to each other like we are in real life.

  • We need to stop separating the idea of an online persona and ALF limestone because it's not there.

  • One.

  • Caroline's Law, which has been suggested, has over 500,000 signatures.

  • Do you think this kind of legislation would be helpful?

  • I think it's a really good conversation to open.

  • I think it could be really helpful because we look at these kind of, I guess, smear campaign someone call them against certain women are certain people in the public eye.

  • The Meghan Markle one was a huge, huge debate.

  • If they weren't platforms, if they were people running that many stories, that many headlines with that many clicks, that which engagement in that kind of language, that would be a harassment case.

  • There'd be a be a leg to stand on that that that being harassment, but because it's a platform not so much, it seems difficult to me to draw the line of when your complicity on when you're no.

  • Because it's one thing Thio publish headlines about somebody.

  • It's one thing to troll them on social media.

  • But then, if you read those headlines, if you read that stuff on social media, if you talk to friends about it, Shorty, you're perpetuating that culture.

  • So where does it end?

  • I think a lot of people, when they see these things, go O I don't tell someone.

  • So this is not going to stay with me.

  • I'm not a monster.

  • So they separate themselves.

  • We actually, after all, look at what we're doing.

  • You know, I have been known to have outrage clicks.

  • I've probably clicked on the Daily Mail a bunch of times that I've been outraged by that.

  • How could they report that?

  • What is that headline?

  • I'm actually the Daily Mail, the mirror, the sun or a lot of these kind of tabloids.

  • They're not selling physical copies.

  • They're making their money on clicks. 00:04:50.840 --> 00:05:6.260 So my kind of feeling now and what I've done personally is I've actually blocked a lot off certain platforms on my social feeds so that I can't click on them because I don't want to perpetuate the structure that is getting these pieces out and harassing women and hurting women online. 00:05:6.260 --> 00:05:9.890 So even if you're not the one that's doing the troubling, you have a role to play. 00:05:9.890 --> 00:05:15.130 And I think having a bit of a look in the mirror and a nuanced conversation with yourself is really helpful.

  • And also, let's be honest, you know, we're talking about this has to be kind radical kindness online needs to happen.

  • We need to be blowing people up supporting people.

  • But also everyone thinks I'm so re thoughts.

  • That's the human nature.

  • But you don't have to say them.

  • Just don't type them out.

  • You don't have to speak on everything.

  • I think that's kind of the golden rule.

  • There does seem to be something about celebrity that invites a lot more of this criticism, controlling whether it's that people buy into the glamorous lifestyle, the ostensible happiness, everything looking perfect, the wealth and the fame which seems to make it more acceptable almost for people to troll those people to bring them down a peg or two.

  • And as you mentioned with the radical kindness, I suppose it's just important to remember that it doesn't matter what things look like from the outside. 00:05:59.620 --> 00:06:9.270 You have no idea what's going on in somebody's life, but that seems to be quite quite a repetitive and traditional way of looking at certain public figures. 00:06:9.280 --> 00:06:12.810 They're so lucky and so far removed that it doesn't matter what we say about them.

  • I mean, I think I can see where it's come from.

  • You know, money and success is the marker of capitalism is if you've got money and success, you find your life's fine.

  • We all know that's not true.

  • I've met so many people in in successful positions, whether that's in politics or TV or influences who are really struggling because they're people with lives and families and that someone's daughter and they're struggling with mental health or their financial troubles.

  • We all have our staff.

  • I think we need Thio really have a long look at ourselves and go do we want to be the type people who like, pick and choose who we give our humanity to probably know if you were anyone you know is struggling with suicidal thoughts.

  • CNN's impact your world has compiled resource is for suicide prevention in nearly every country.

  • Search for how to get help for someone who might be suicidal on CNN Online.

Caroline denied the charge, and Burton withdrew the complaint.


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