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  • So let's look now at some stock picks in the oil segment of Sharma joins Us now independent oil analyst and former economist.

  • It's too Big Cat.

  • First of all, you've got a couple of big stocks you wanna compare and contrast with BP and Shell to London listed stocks, but very different in terms of their recent deliveries.

  • I think, yeah, we're very right.

  • Having the high risk, high reward model applies across the board.

  • But I think closer to home, if we do it like for like combat Asians between the two blue chips, I have beena long term a bull on BB, and I don't don't change that have seen it all. 00:00:46.240 --> 00:01:9.150 I think that BP I have based on their recent financials based on their recent acid acquisitions, based on the optimization that and more especially bobbed at least constant reiteration off Lord break, even perhaps as low as $30 gives me gives me a lot of comfort, and I think I would say with BP, I have a price target of 650 pence and I think I have a bye bye recommendation on that. 00:01:9.420 --> 00:01:11.550 Now, with Shell, we can do it.

  • We could do a sort of a comparison between both the system blue chips, if I may find a corner that I think would shell my.

  • My issue is that there is no breakout news that I can see with Shell.

  • There's no no massive development like we saw with BP last week and in the sterling numbers that be sort of leverage almost was a quadrupling off.

  • Profits are on a grand realized quarterly basis with Shell.

  • It's it's kind of like it is there it is innovating, and it's sort of milling along nicely.

  • Now what does that tell you?

  • I think what for me that wouldn't entail not increasing my position but not decreasing it either.

  • So you go into a holding pattern with shell, you take taking the dividends.

  • It has never disappointed, give you a difference in the Second World War, and I don't expect that to change. 00:02:0.040 --> 00:02:3.750 It's a company that is that is stable in and is happy at peace with itself. 00:02:3.890 --> 00:02:5.710 But there's no breakout announcement like BP. 00:02:5.840 --> 00:02:8.610 But, baby, I would say bye and onwards and upwards. 00:02:8.640 --> 00:02:11.680 So I think that's how I would compare and contrast to do blue chips.

  • And as far as the like.

  • Like CEO soundbites goes I think Bob Dudley is winning it.

  • In my opinion, yeah, very quickly rolled up Shell has a number of different classifications.

  • I just brought up the share price chant for B, but what's we're on this kind of flick?

  • Quickly tow a.

  • Explain the difference.

  • The difference is that Adi s A has an exported with Dutch tax man.

  • So So it trades a discount orgs be.

  • I think for me from the UK perspective, the RGs be exposure is much better because you don't get hit by the Dutch tax deduction.

  • So our TSA it would be a discounted play, but you need to take into account that your dividend might be deducted in terms of the Dutch tax levy.

  • Sardi S B is this is the plane here. 00:02:53.370 --> 00:03:2.330 Quite often, when we talk to clients about investing in this space and of course, trading as well they quite often go for small, mid small cap stocks because they're a bit more volatile. 00:03:2.340 --> 00:03:5.650 Any hints there as to what you're buying at the moment? 00:03:5.940 --> 00:03:17.390 I think apart from the blue chips, I would say two of my favorites of Highlands Natural Resource is It's Ah, it's a main market listed small cap and, of course, ah, bit of an old favorite rock hopper explorations.

  • Now both.

  • I'm going with them for very different reasons.

  • Let me start with.

  • Perhaps, Rocco professed.

  • Now with Rock Hopper, What I see is that the optimization, the basic process, often magician, we're talking the big boys.

  • These guys are also going down that route.

  • They wantto optimize their operations to the extreme.

  • And the second thing is that the variable hair with rock hopper is that President Martin Makary in in Argentina, neighbor the traditional dispute over the Falklands.

  • It was very different, you know, with this predecessor now.

  • Now this guy's having internal domestic troubles with in Argentina, but more or less rockhopper. 00:03:55.520 --> 00:04:2.630 Given all its previous variables on an even keel, it's offering a better operating climate with President Macri in the White House. 00:04:2.630 --> 00:04:8.860 Whatever he's dealing with domestically So I think the operated climate has improved and the optimization proof that's what I think. 00:04:8.860 --> 00:04:14.710 I see rock over going to about 17 in a 6 to 12 months out Dark Basin with the Highlands.

  • The Highlands natural resource is is, is a very interesting one.

  • Now I had full disclosure.

  • I had the pleasure of visiting one off.

  • They're they're all freeze the drilling sites.

  • And I think it's a beautiful crude that one of those Mormon pope independence their their production volumes air are nothing compared to the majors that producing 5000 battles.

  • But to quote to call, to see you and to quote all the all the roughnecks and everything else that I met out there, that they won't do it on budget on time and safely delivered.

  • And what they're doing is they're uber optimized press.

  • Is there something called DT Ultra Bet it's kind of like a maximization technique for for enhanced oil recovery. 00:04:53.570 --> 00:05:4.330 They're putting the best in class sort of techniques out there, and they actually have farmed out the acreage from ConocoPhillips and all Major, and they're they're they're doing it rather well. 00:05:4.620 --> 00:05:12.110 They've got a steak from from Halliburton again whether the big majors, oilfield service companies and what do you see with the Highlands is what you get.

  • Small volumes of production, efficiently delivered and and woolen pill.

  • It's actually making money now, not naming names.

  • If you look at the small caps and people want to have a flutter over on the high risk, high reward premise that are a lot of courts and not naming names, I keep attaching that caveat that they're drilling out in Mozambique in in Argentina and shale in X amount of places and turned out in two Bagger, where there are certain, let's say, geopolitical impediments.

  • The party climates nonsense.

  • If I don't expect the same toe, apply to Colorado, there are some legislative impediments.

  • But the United States is still as, and even if there are some, some minor changes remains a very friendly place to drill for oil and gas. 00:05:56.690 --> 00:06:2.950 So here is one cos a small cap in a relatively stable market, and it's producing oils. 00:06:2.990 --> 00:06:4.580 It's making money off the back off it. 00:06:4.750 --> 00:06:8.310 So I I don't agree with Scott evaluation, which is somewhere around 21 p. 00:06:8.540 --> 00:06:14.100 I suspect my conservative estimates 12 month out is it should be near double that price.

  • And that is that is my prediction.

  • If that doesn't come through, I'll show the viewers an explanation.

  • But you have bought into have bought into what I'm talking about, putting my money where my mouth is.

  • And I think what I see with these guys, especially with Highlands on withdrawal corporate that they're trying to do things a little bit differently.

  • And with highlands, the pluses.

  • It's a stable market.

  • When I when I spoke to you about some stock picks, you said also cannot talk about some investment trusts in the commodities space.

  • What?

  • So what attracts you?

  • Yeah, I I think investment trusts are a good way of gaining exposure.

  • Let's say you don't want a direct exported to a blue chip or even to a small cap.

  • You go go for some of these.

  • So I'm sort of at random victory. 00:06:54.600 --> 00:07:1.490 And again the three that I have exposure to and the 1st 1 would be the Black Rock Commodities Trust, I think, via the Black Rock commodities Trust. 00:07:1.490 --> 00:07:8.140 What you can do is get an indirect exposure to ah, a plethora body Cos. 00:07:8.320 --> 00:07:9.650 Instead of having a direct state.

  • The 2nd 1 would be ik often utilities, infrastructure, investment, Trust.

  • Now this is an indirect play.

  • You go for natural gas utilities by the bead in Europe or the United States, and primarily it's a European US based.

  • But if you look at bulk off their holdings and the 3rd 1 would be, of course, BlackRock World Mining Trust.

  • So these three are there now.

  • The three are my picks for for some broad ranging reason I'm not I'm not necessarily saying that their share price would overshoot and set of a light.

  • The reason I picked them is that they give you, ah, stable, different new or someone being four and 1/2 percent to five and 1/2 percent.

  • So that's festive, and all three of them are trading at a discount.

  • So I think these three can offer you some indirect place. 00:07:54.350 --> 00:08:0.630 Of course, there are other City of London and match etcetera, where you can indirectly have a play on shell and BP. 00:08:0.690 --> 00:08:6.110 But these are These are three very different animals, and I think they offer ah sort of, ah, spread across it. 00:08:6.110 --> 00:08:7.850 So you got the utility exposure Go. 00:08:7.850 --> 00:08:9.770 The commodity companies but you got the mining explorers. 00:08:9.770 --> 00:08:16.910 I think all three of them put together at a discount, giving a dividend about 45% reasonably stable.

  • Good.

  • Look, OK, it's been a pleasure to talk to you.

  • Thanks indeed, for joining us with those recommendations, and his girl was saying he puts his money where his mouth is.

  • That score of Sharma Independent All analysts and Forbes columnist subscribe Toe I G for Educational Content Company Insight Financial Analysis on expert commentary.

So let's look now at some stock picks in the oil segment of Sharma joins Us now independent oil analyst and former economist.


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