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  • The opportunity that Mel Morris gave me toe step into management in the fight he put in May and actually the big welcome that I had from the fans from Day one.

  • But for at my time there, Andi, I think the success and I think we had for this season, we found that the final hurdle unfortunately.

  • But from where we were to start the season, it felt like we really had something good going and I loved my time there.

  • So for me, the reality is I think the Chelsea job is the one job that would give me that very difficult decision, a decision that I've made my head along mostly career at charity people. 00:00:48.090 --> 00:01:1.170 I think I understand that the link and the feeling I have for the club and the opportunity it's a maybe yes, I had a fantastic time of Darby are certainly wished him well because very thankful that I had the opportunity to manage the club a very successful season. 00:01:1.170 --> 00:01:2.620 As you said, Get into the playoff fine. 00:01:2.620 --> 00:01:5.470 Also bring it through a number of young players such as Jaden Bogle. 00:01:5.470 --> 00:01:7.950 How happy i with the legacy that you've left behind them. 00:01:8.840 --> 00:01:10.370 Well, I'm happy we worked hard.

  • Not just myself, but the staff.

  • Everybody say the one for the people that work at Darby behind the scenes.

  • Really correct.

  • A very good environment certainly felt that for me to work.

  • But on the pitch, I think the when when I came in, the was very evident that the age of the squad was something the owner wanted toe look at.

  • We were they already scored in all the leagues s o.

  • There was, in essence, that we had.

  • We had Thio to try and bring two young players react to try and recruit younger players on doing that.

  • It's actually tough because we also wanted to change the style of play.

  • So there were a lot of challenges through the season and I suppose I come out happy when I see people like J Denboba.

  • We wouldn't play the game until we got there emerging to the team and play very regular for the season.

  • to a really high level, 18 years of age, but not just that. 00:01:58.040 --> 00:02:4.750 I don't want to just make it about the use of the younger players, because I also relied heavily on some of the great characters that were there with experience. 00:02:4.750 --> 00:02:9.670 And Richard Keogh, Craig Bryson, David Nugent, Bradley Johnson, S. 00:02:9.670 --> 00:02:9.810 O. 00:02:9.820 --> 00:02:11.760 I was foolish enough to have a nice balance.

  • We've got really good spirit amongst the same on.

  • Of course I wished him well.

  • There are a lot of supplies there, and I wish him well for the for the season coming up.

  • And I know much, always have a feeling for the club because that may be so welcome.

  • And finally, if you could sum up your experience that Darby just a few words with me.

  • Well, I was I was privileged.

  • I was honored to manage a club with great tradition.

  • I grew up very aware of Darby County.

  • I used to watch videos of my dad in the seventies plan against the Great Darby team, so when I was offered the opportunity, I knew what a big deal it was to me in an opportunity, and I was always very aware of that and I come out the other end, albeit one year later.

  • But having met some great people, I have to talk about Mel Morris because the owner and how he was with me from day one up until right now. 00:02:56.940 --> 00:03:4.650 And we'll be friends for a long time because he is an incredible leader of of a club, a leader full stop. 00:03:5.190 --> 00:03:11.750 Um, and I come away making a lot of friends living in a great city for a year on.

  • I have huge respect, and I'd love to go back its invited to come and watch games or or see some old friends again in the future.

The opportunity that Mel Morris gave me toe step into management in the fight he put in May and actually the big welcome that I had from the fans from Day one.


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