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  • They they want Rutgers to beat them from the outside.

  • Traffic.

  • 24 points, 10 rebounds yesterday.

  • Turn it open.

  • Illinois Dump.

  • Lewis has got four playing teams in the Big 10 tournament that they played now three times.

  • That's what's given Wisconsin some motivation right now.

  • Even players on test.

  • No problem.

  • Five points in the first quarter, which puts her on pace for season average.

  • You can count the bucket and the foul money loathe for Monster, and that pass is intercepted. 00:01:4.550 --> 00:01:17.540 Going intothe nothing there.

  • So they go back for Round two, another ball screen, where she just pulls its money.

  • Can you get intothe?

  • Look, just a little bit of penetration and then pop back out was just enough about If it's gonna be a last one.

  • It's definitely this one where different teams probably going to get into the tournament conferences just so deep for a change.

  • They're right now, the only one in double double figures.

  • That's what she does.

  • Great for.

  • 13.

  • Huge assists. 00:02:1.410 --> 00:02:2.280 Ohio State. 00:02:2.290 --> 00:02:3.390 Repeat coming on. 00:02:3.390 --> 00:02:7.480 If she continues like this, especially from the perimeter again, that's not their strength. 00:02:7.830 --> 00:02:8.320 Good look. 00:02:8.690 --> 00:02:9.650 That's their strength. 00:02:9.900 --> 00:02:16.350 Yes, penetration, which is always so quick to the paint booth.

  • What did you see?

  • The one on one with on then a good drive to the basket.

  • You know, two Kia Mac.

  • Wisconsin needs points.

  • You're late face.

  • That's a big shine and knew exactly what they need.

  • A minute left on the clock to possession basketball game.

  • Sanders.

  • That's a nice look and exactly what Rutgers needed.

  • Hats off to Abby Senior stand good game today as well.

They they want Rutgers to beat them from the outside.


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