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  • We've had a chance to talk to Stevie since that injury to Alison was announced.

  • Adrianna isn't exactly set the world on Fire was at fault for the goal in the F A Cup again today.

  • He didn't look very comfortable.

  • Did he know how much of a game changer is that going into that Champions League tie and feel?

  • Listen, it's definitely a game changer, is a game changer and off the athletic, all good, unless his favorites I'm not quite sure.

  • I think I think there's no honor but would certainly think Liverpool being at home with only one goal deficit should be favorites.

  • No, your argument about Adriaan is absolutely glare. 00:00:48.890 --> 00:01:2.470 And to be honest, shocking goal on midweek and you talk about looking now unfilled against border on, you look completely rushed in and not with at all. 00:01:2.860 --> 00:01:17.440 And actually, if you look at Liverpool's defense overall, even with Allyson recently there they have given up chances and giving up goals so that that's definitely going to be the key and remember, if absolutely, school one live 20 to school.

  • Three.

  • I don't I don't think I don't think good scoring goals is gonna be a little problem.

  • It will also in Madrid, wasn't it?

  • It wasn't Madrid.

  • No question that he got shot on target.

  • However, this is a different ball game.

  • Unfilled was nowhere that arms on field was nowhere.

  • They don't get chances, and there's no way that they won't score.

  • The worry, in fact, is Adriana.

  • Yeah, on the way, the back for a given.

  • Opportunities up.

  • Adrianne Jules.

  • It's obvious it is a clear Achilles heel to this livable side and their hopes of advancing.

  • Yes, you're right and injury to our only son.

  • The club announced on Friday that training was really is the worst time. 00:01:57.760 --> 00:02:7.080 I mean, it's never a good time to lose Allison, but even less 45 days before such a such a big game in in Liverpool, season on dure. 00:02:7.080 --> 00:02:7.360 Right? 00:02:7.370 --> 00:02:25.630 Adrienne, from what we saw against Chelsea from when we saw today again, it is is an issue is a problem there, and the biggest issue for me is that you know very well that on Wednesday I think the government will probably have one chance, maybe too, because I think it would be that kind of game where attitude will defend the law.

  • And maybe we'll hit on the counterattack and we have so so Adrianne might have just one safe to make.

  • And it's the kind of save the Alison has been so good out here is one thing to do in the game, and he makes it perfect.

  • And that's a clean sheet.

  • And it's a win for Liverpool or something like that.

  • I'm not British.

  • I'm really not sure the Adrianne has that in him as that talent to be able to just be there on the the only one time that you be needed in a game like that.

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  • And let's not forget as well.

We've had a chance to talk to Stevie since that injury to Alison was announced.


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