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  • Let's get into Jordan.

  • Pickford in goal, obviously, Yeah, but interesting last week to see Jules Virginia on the bench.

  • Wonder if that'll continue this week.

  • Obviously, um, we had seen some changes in the goalkeeper situation.

  • Sometimes it was Stephan Bag.

  • Sometimes it was lawful.

  • But now shall Virginia himself last week on the bench of the first time.

  • So we'll be interests you other vaccines and news off.

  • The first time he'd bean on the bench for 11.

  • A right back shames.

  • Coleman is out injured.

  • So there's only one place you can play.

  • The general said to be He will start it right back.

  • Dodgy couple of weeks.

  • Let's be honest.

  • So hopefully he'll be back on form this weekend.

  • Any shame, he needs a left back.

  • This is an interesting one. 00:00:59.790 --> 00:01:1.750 Leighton Baines has been a fantastic form. 00:01:2.240 --> 00:01:3.890 Luca Dean is back from injury. 00:01:3.890 --> 00:01:4.660 And LinkedIn What? 00:01:4.660 --> 00:01:6.310 Haven't bean in gay form beforehand? 00:01:6.310 --> 00:01:7.890 So who does the manager gold for? 00:01:8.340 --> 00:01:12.800 Well, I'm going for Luca Dean, because I think he is all best left box on.

  • I think, Um I think because I have him back, I think you operation down the left.

  • You Hopefully be of zero pinned down on lame veins has been fantastic.

  • Ball.

  • I'm going for Luca.

  • Dean, if sensor back, I'm gonna go from mation.

  • Holgate obviously signed a five year deal this week, and I think, and him alongside my over player getting me now I'm gonna be needed in this game.

  • Chelsea.

  • The good side of people click chances on.

  • We need to be at our best against them.

  • And also just the threat off set pieces with the enemy and Isabel.

  • But they are, I think, personally, we should have our best partnerships in games.

  • But listen, I'm not the manager. 00:01:54.400 --> 00:02:1.130 The managers have other ideas and other tactical ideas strategies for the games that I'm obviously not aware off. 00:02:1.130 --> 00:02:5.450 So But that's my that would be my back four into Mayfield. 00:02:5.940 --> 00:02:7.130 Andrei Gomez off. 00:02:7.130 --> 00:02:8.660 People continue incense in the field. 00:02:8.660 --> 00:02:12.410 Just come back from his injury and more games he gets the better for him.

  • Alongside the among would actually put Fabian Delph a full time day.

  • We said a good second powerful sweet book you can put the elfin there for a bit defensive stability.

  • I don't know where the game and beat him to hold onto the ball a little bit better, which I think will be needed in a game like this, Uh, to counter that of being a little bit more attacking on the wings on the right inside and keep walk offs in the Shire to think, Don't think he was great last week.

  • But I think in a way, game years ago, without ball, anything, the chances we made a few weeks ago the Emirates, I think E could have one or two of them being at the far post.

  • And I think you need that little bit of patient little bit by likeness.

  • He's out a game under his belt last week after being injured, hoping that you'll be back to his best. 00:02:57.390 --> 00:03:6.890 We don't have too many options at right midfield and she would say to be playing right back on Yeah, after I'm gonna go for walkers, I don't hear the shot. 00:03:6.890 --> 00:03:7.820 I'm gonna go for Bernard. 00:03:8.120 --> 00:03:16.570 I think I think there's being there's a temptation to leave him out when it's an away game and I asked on myself when I've been picking these teams.

  • But I just think for the game like this, why not just have a go?

  • You know, him and Dean Ah, great partnership together when they're like the best show we've seen.

  • Not like season.

  • So for me, I'm gonna pull Bernard in there on the left hand side.

  • See if we can create something.

  • Chelsea gonna be without a few players.

  • And I think it's the games there to be won on some leads.

  • And I think, when I could open Chelsea also important.

  • Bernard in the side on all fronts office.

  • Even Charlison you've just been called up for Brazil again is being grateful.

  • Gold's Garden and just in general have been fantastic recently dominant carbon and just sign a five year deal today. 00:03:53.320 --> 00:04:3.280 Scored obviously at the weekend, and it's been scoring regular glasses with charts, and they are big threats, and it's gonna be about getting them the ball in this game, creating chance for those who know free those. 00:04:3.280 --> 00:04:6.630 You can take the chances, so let me know your thoughts in the comments you greedy. 00:04:6.630 --> 00:04:8.550 Additionally, who'd you have in the side here? 00:04:8.550 --> 00:04:9.650 Would you take out the side. 00:04:9.900 --> 00:04:10.970 Then we know your thoughts.

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Let's get into Jordan.


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