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  • everyone welcome to this weekend, said your astrology forecast for the weekend of March 6th of the eighth of 2000 and 20.

  • All right, so I'm quite a bit going on this weekend.

  • Actually, the most important thing is that we are gonna be approaching a full moon, which will be on Monday.

  • And I'll, of course, make a separate video for that over the weekend.

  • But we're starting to really get to the heightens part of the cycle this weekend.

  • Really good to maybe start to do a status check.

  • And I'm gained some awareness and maybe some shifts along the lunar month early next week.

  • So on Friday this weekend, though, we do have the moon still in cancer.

  • So good day on Friday for creating a protective environment for self and others.

  • The moon will be shifting into Leo on Saturday would be placing more of an emphasis on self expression and cultivating our passions in life.

  • And Venus goes into a fire sign of areas so we could be enjoying maybe a bit of independence assertiveness initiative.

  • And on Sunday, quite a bit.

  • The sun is going to be going over Neptune.

  • So with this fire energy.

  • There is this receptive energy going on, and it's good to see what's important to us on a soul level on Sunday, but also Venus over your anus, maybe something new and different and exciting in regards to what we enjoy and possibly with relationships.

  • All right, let's take a look at all of this here in more detail.

  • Where return.

  • All right, so here's the sky for this weekend.

  • We're gonna look at this for all three days here with the moon in cancer on Friday, then shifting into Leo on Saturday.

  • And then on Sunday, the Moon and Leo as well, which will be gearing up for the second full moon in Leo.

  • The last one was Here is well, this one will be at the very end of the constellation.

  • So going into next week, really good time of doing this status check.

  • But let's go and break it down one day at a time.

  • And again we are using the actual size of the Constellation's called True.

  • Say, Darryl Astrology.

  • If you are new to the channel, definitely check out the link down below for more information.

  • All right, so let's start with Friday here.

  • The moon will be in protective cancer, no major aspects on Friday.

  • So the moon will likely play the strongest energy here.

  • And this is a good time of the lunar cycle to create a protective environment both for herself, ourselves, which could make it good for private life, home life, you know, getting into that protective environment, but also for others as well.

  • It could be a great time of cultivating our are carrying side or nurturing side and helping others with their emotional security.

  • So great to get into the feelings, emotions, the past, this reflective energy of cancer and creating that protective environment in order to allow for that.

  • Now, once we do get into, um, Saturday, but little bit in the later part of Saturday, the moon will be shifting into Leo, adding to a bit of that fire energy.

  • And so the theme on Friday and Sunday will be about self expression, A really good time of connecting to the things we're passionate about, and getting into some of that may be playful energy and expressive and in its highest expression, you know, Leo is about being proud.

  • So, you know, connecting to the things we're proud of and being proud of the things that are close to our heart, which makes it a great time of cultivating this again for the full moon will be a status check on Monday regarding this expressive, proud and sort of playful side of ourself with the full moon in Leo, all right.

  • But on Saturday we do start to feel Venus shifting out of watery pie ces and slowly going into active areas.

  • So the theme shifts mid weekend in regards to what we're valuing, whereas the past, roughly month it was about Valium or of the receptive aspects of our life and of relationships.

  • And what's more important on a soul level with that stuff but likely going into next week?

  • Probably Valium or of the fire energy in life so really good for enjoying things that require activity initiative assertiveness may be enjoying some of that energy and relationships.

  • In fact, as we do get into the later part of Saturday and into Sunday, Venus is going to be going over your anus who's been in areas here for about the past year.

  • And so in this sense, maybe something new and different you know Uranus represents the things that are outside of our norm outside of our own status quo and quite different and exciting sometime.

  • So a new beginning here in a yearly sense, in regards to what we value maybe some you and different values, new and different enjoyments.

  • Great to be getting outside of our comfort zone a little bit, listening to our excitement and mixing things up.

  • And in fact, you know, this could also be involving those relationships as well.

  • So a bit of that fire great for taking initiative with those enjoyments and connections and then maybe something new and different arising from this.

  • Or at least it's just a good time of the ah week here, Thio, you know, get outside that comfort zone an experiment when it comes to our enjoyments values and relationships.

  • So also on Sunday, though, there is this mixed energy because while it is in a fire sign and it's a bit of electrifying kind of energy with Uranus, we do have the sun passing over very receptive Neptune and the sun will be shifting into prices as well early next week.

  • So, um, you know, on Sunday, while that's going on.

  • I think it's really good to really focused on what's important to us on a soul level on Sunday, right?

  • Neptune represents all the things that you know are important to us on a spiritual level, what feeds air sole spiritually and allowing a bit of that inner guidance to help guide us, right?

  • And so it could be a great time of focusing on what are deeper values are on.

  • You know how we can listen to our intuition a little bit more.

  • It might be a bit of a dreamy energy, so it could be great to maybe let the imagination wander a little bit really good for spiritual activities, anything that is again Maurin the A theorist realms.

  • But yeah, and its highest expression.

  • Seeing how we can bring a little bit more piece into our life, a little bit more spiritual fulfillment.

  • There could be even a new beginning again, from a yearly sense in regards to that receptive side of ourself.

  • And, yes, that's the most important thing things going on here this weekend mostly concentrated around Sunday with that electrifying fire energy mixed with that water energy with the sun over Neptune and The moon, of course, will be in Leo on Sunday as well, which again is great for that creative self expression.

  • And then on Monday, we'll have the full moon, making it a good time to do a status check.

  • How is our self expression?

  • How is that creative energy of Leo that fireside?

  • And how can we further develop it for the next six months for the rest of this solar cycle?

  • And I also want to mention, too, that we do have mercury going station direct here early next week as well.

  • So as we do approach next week, I think it's good, too kind of slow down with the mind stuff, the things we've been rethinking maybe these past few weeks, because things were likely starting to shift in regards to whatever we've been reconsidering, rethinking or redoing here these past few weeks during the retrograde.

  • And that could very well be in regards to any future visions or future things in general or collective matters or community things which has been the mercury retrograde in Aquarius.

  • Aren't everyone sets the weekend in a nutshell.

  • Most important thing.

  • Great for that water energy as we approach Sunday receptivity finding peace in life while at the same time getting outside of our comfort zone having you in different experiences, enjoyments and connections.

  • Maybe through that initiative there.

  • And, um yeah, and then Saturday, Sunday.

  • Great for that Leo energy of self expression on leading up to that on Friday.

  • Maybe a bit of that protective energy Thio pre lewd into the weekend.

  • All right, sir.

  • Evelyn, have a fantastic weekend.

  • Thank you so much for watching.

  • And I'll see you all next time.

  • For the next, it'll be a full moon video.

  • Take care goodbye.

everyone welcome to this weekend, said your astrology forecast for the weekend of March 6th of the eighth of 2000 and 20.


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