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  • He's got a lot to do.

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  • Thank you.

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  • We know no karma.

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  • I drew, you know, Makihara, get promoted ahead of the contract.

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  • I drew from Okavango, Eric.

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  • I wanna be that air, Billy.

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  • Danica Patrick Bateman.

  • Oh, no.

  • You gotta hold it together, Akin.

  • Terribly.

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  • Out of the game. 00:05:48.930 --> 00:06:0.550 You know, you got a local car dealer, got neighbors, you know, stood then he conundrums to go back today. 00:06:0.550 --> 00:06:0.930 So can you. 00:06:1.750 --> 00:06:2.810 Nevada, Gautam.

They went up in part because the moderately avocado, you know, eat up about the lease.


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圖姆庫爾車禍。死亡人數達到13人 (Tumkur Car Accident: Death Toll Reaches 13)

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