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  • I'm here on the grid with Henry.

  • Restart from the Office Depot Dorn Racing.

  • We're on the grid.

  • Getting rates start the race 1000 their spikes first.

  • What a weather.

  • What a crowd That the excitement is really building up.

  • You can feel it, you know, it's electric here on the grid.

  • We're really lucky.

  • We got a very good car.

  • Team is prepped.

  • You know, this is a race of attrition.

  • So it's all gonna be about being steady and safe, making sure that we stay on the black stuff.

  • No mistakes on track, mistakes in defense.

  • And hopefully we'll see you on Victor related 24 hours.

  • Did you guys do a lot of changing in the set up between the race and qualify with?

  • There was a good progression of adjustments to the car through the door to the 24 which was the test conducted here a couple of weeks ago.

  • And then again this week way really think we got the car dialed in, you know, optimal.

  • So we're very, very happy with our tire wear.

  • That's really one of the main factors that's important here.

  • So yeah, we're happy where we ended up.

  • Great.

  • Thanks.

  • You Look Thank you.

I'm here on the grid with Henry.


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亨利-理查德/多倫車隊勞力士24小時賽格報告 (Henri Richard/Doran Racing Rolex 24 Grid Report)

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