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  • J.

  • Tucker on the all defensive team, huh?

  • See, right there on on Gomez, with a little money, was in foul trouble.

  • He got his fifth foul 30 seconds into the second half, so he had to sit for quite a while.

  • Well, I've never seen that.

  • Even you couldn't finish it off 19 points a game on 65% shooting since his return from that injury.

  • And he just walked that one in.

  • And he's trying to Dr Way by Capella in the Open court gives it up to James.

  • No, look.

  • Pass back outside.

  • There's the man you want, Man. 00:01:4.740 --> 00:01:22.350 Graduate congratulated Eric on me, laughing, and hopefully people start leaving 11 to run by Houston swinging around Walker.

  • You can fill it up.

  • He's put up 21 again.

  • James, with miss on a cappella, does a cappella clears another rebound.

  • The way to the basket for Eric Gordon giving him a lot of problems.

  • I watched him get ready for this game and training room tonight.

  • He really had to go through a lot of steps.

  • Get ready to play off to be a season with your basket sizzling on that one 16. 00:01:58.030 --> 00:02:0.780 Hey, Bill, that's not what you said in October. 00:02:2.050 --> 00:02:3.580 Well, I had to amend that one. 00:02:3.580 --> 00:02:6.620 Clyde injuries and guys going through slumps. 00:02:7.240 --> 00:02:8.340 Adding new players. 00:02:8.520 --> 00:02:9.840 He's done a terrific job.

  • Fact, that entire go shuffle.

  • So many different lineups tonight.

  • And they have really done a great job.

  • Roy Rogers, Brett Gunning.

  • You ever ride in there?

  • Markets living at the line here in the first quarter shot five seconds down the four.

  • So it's hard time again at the buzzer Rambo.



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