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  • four more cases of Corona virus have been reported in England, bringing the total number in the UK to eight.

  • They're all known to have come into contact with a previously confirmed UK case is believed to have come from a British businessman who went to a conference in Singapore.

  • From there he went skiing in lake, contaminating bourgeois in the French Alps, where he came into contact with these new cases.

  • The businessman then traveled to Brighton, where he became unwell.

  • He was transferred to London for treatment.

  • The new cases, announced this morning were also taken from Brighton to London over the weekend in order to receive specialist care.

  • It comes as the government introduces new powers to deal with the spread of Corona virus, declaring it a serious and imminent threat to public health.

  • Under new measures, the Department of Health says people with Corona virus can now be forcibly quarantined on will not be free to leave.

  • Our health correspondent Philip Iraq's B is here lots of developments to talk through Philip or I can see you've scrolled on the page in front of you a diagram linking all the different cases, so just talk us through the latest developments.

  • Yes, well, up until this morning, we knew that four of the reef for UK cases of Corona virus in the U.

  • K.

  • The two students in York under relative they're both Chinese nationals.

  • There was this other man in Brighton who had come via Singapore.

  • He'd been diagnosed on another contact of Hiss, who'd also caught it in France.

  • On this morning, we realized there's another four cases who are all linked to the ski chalet in the Alps, where the man from Brighton was holidaying for a few days.

  • So that's being passed on their on.

  • Those four new cases have returned to the UK, so there's no eight in Total.

  • He's being dubbed a super spreader.

  • Yes, that is that that's a difficult term.

  • We don't quite know what that means is yet.

  • It's certainly true that he has.

  • He is linked Thio five of these cases, which seems quite a large number.

  • But of course, he was in very close contact with people on holiday in a shallow A.

  • And when that happens, there's a lot of opportunity for cough droplets to be passed around on dhe.

  • That's obviously where the virus infected other people.

  • But this time super spreader is is slightly unhelpful at this point because it just happens to be a highly transmissible virus on these other people are very in close proximity to him.

  • So what's the latest on quarantine?

  • Because new powers have been brought in.

  • That will mean that somebody who is suspected of potentially having the virus will be able to be forcibly quarantined.

  • And this came in because one person under quarantine decided that they didn't want to stay.

  • Yes, it's reported that somebody who flew back on a British flight from Wuhan in China, which is where this virus originated, wasn't happy about being quarantined.

  • The government have asked people to sign a contract before they got on those flights to make sure they were happy about being in isolation for 14 days.

  • But of course, somebody obviously decided they weren't too happy about that.

  • And the government have had toe up their powers in order to enforce that quarantining for the full two weeks, and that's an order to stop the risk of the virus being spread any further.

  • I mean that the case of the businessman who's being treated now in hospital in London himself indicates, obviously the chain of somebody who has the virus, but maybe on the where spreading it as they go.

  • How widespread is the quarantine in this country?

  • Currently there are two particular facilities which have been used one in Milton Keen's, the other in the world where people are being quarantined.

  • There are also specialist hospitals doctored around the UK, some couple in Scotland, some in England as well in Newcastle on in London, which especially prepared to treat people with these very infectious diseases.

  • They know exactly what they're doing and how many are in quarantine and how.

  • How wide does the net go in terms of putting people into blond?

  • Uh, we're talking several 100 now.

  • I believe that the latest count on there will be people all the time who are worried about their health, who may have traveled back from other parts of Asia, not Nestle China, and will may have symptoms even very mild symptoms.

  • And the government are saying that the right thing to do is to be to be cautious to foreign n hs 111 not to go into your GP surgery, but to alert somebody v a N h s 111 and they can be treated.

  • Thank you very much.

four more cases of Corona virus have been reported in England, bringing the total number in the UK to eight.


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