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  • I've just made a note of one of my favourite

  • recipes - Gingerbread Cake.

  • It's truly delightful.

  • For this recipe you will need:

  • Flour

  • Butter

  • Brown sugar

  • Treacle

  • Ginger

  • Bicarbonate of Soda

  • Warm milk

  • and eggs.

  • Begin by creaming the butter.

  • I always use salted butter, unless the recipe asks for sweet butter

  • in which case I use unsalted.

  • Miss Cowley in the dairy has been very busy.

  • We usually use between three and four pounds of butter a day in the kitchen.

  • Now I'm going to add the sugar

  • the eggs

  • which I'm going to give a little whisk before I add

  • and now the spice

  • So, we've had eggs from home, sugar from the West Indies

  • and spice from the East Indies.

  • What an international cake!

  • I'm now going to add the flour a little at a time with the treacle.

  • You could use a lighter coloured treacle

  • but it wouldn't be so rich.

  • This is quite a cheap cake to make

  • now that they've reduced the taxes on sugar a few years ago.

  • It's quite nice for servants or for a family to have something a little luxurious.

  • And just to get the last bit of treacle out, I'm going to use a little warm water

  • just in the bowl to make sure we get the best of the treacle.

  • And finally, to a little warm milk, a good pinch of bicarbonate of soda

  • right into the middle

  • and now mix it all in.

  • Now that the mixture is nice and smooth,

  • you need to line - with butter and brown paper - a tin.

  • And then pour the mixture in.

  • And now to take it to the oven.

  • Now that the cake has been in the oven for about an hour, I'm going to take it

  • out and let it stand to cool.

  • This cake is really well loved by the servants

  • and I'm going to serve this to the top servants table, the one that myself and Mrs Warwick sit on.

  • In which case, once it's cool, I'm going to cut it up for display.

  • There you are - Gingerbread Cake.

  • Mmm!

  • Delicious!

I've just made a note of one of my favourite


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如何做薑餅蛋糕--維多利亞式的方式。 (How to Make Gingerbread Cake - The Victorian Way)

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