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  • Oh, man.

  • That was one wild delight Savings guys.

  • Yeah.

  • The clocks were like me.

  • So thirsty.

  • They went back for seconds.

  • 3600 of them.

  • Oh, you guys went out for daylight savings time.

  • Why didn't you call?

  • May the clock has been turned back.

  • Oh, yeah, Get it a little tough.

  • Don't, like, Turn it You're turning out to be.

  • Oh, people hear the name CollegeHumor.

  • They think we're just a bunch of kids messing around.

  • Yeah, we're not.

  • As you can see, we work in a very professional environment.

  • And as you see here about cities, I'm gonna show you Stack machine.

  • Charles.

  • Great candy.

  • What the hell is going on here?

  • We turn the clock back too far, Major sells 15 years younger.

  • Yeah, I know you did the same thing last year, but, you know, I got two really big advertising guys.

  • Don't you be on your best behavior.

  • So this is the editorial staff heard so much about, huh?

  • So you guys were Jake in a mirror?

  • My kids love you guys.

  • Hey, do any bits for me?

  • Come on, please.

  • Uh, so dinner tonight, then stopped out of mere last very annoying That's fantastic.

  • You must be Streeter.

  • Your Phantom of the Office bit puts my wife and I and stitches.

  • Now, you are gonna be the next Jackie Gleason.

  • Thanks, but I This book is the Chronicles of Riddick.

  • It doesn't say anything about taking iron tablets when you get your period.

  • And everyone knows if you don't take iron tablets, you become and mean.

  • Leave me alone.

  • I wish I could.

  • It's a big way.

  • Got a great feeling about this place, Reuben.

  • I think I almost got it.

  • No damn clock.

Oh, man.


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幾乎沒有工作。日光節約法 (Hardly Working: Daylight Savings)

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