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  • The head of Italy's Democratic Party has tested positive for the new Corona virus.

  • Nicholas Single Ready, the first leading Italian politician confirmed to have the disease to counselors in the Lombardi Province off Italy, have cast a positive last week.

  • Single A T has made the announcement of his testing in a phrase book video.

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  • With the main topic schooled in only pace, Italy is now the fourth highest Corona virus hit country in the world after China, South Korea and Iran.

  • The number of fatalities has risen to 197 with more than 4600 people infected in Italy alone.

  • Despite a lock down encompassing 11 cities, Italy has not been able to control the outbreak.

  • Over the last 24 hours, a country reported its highest single day surge in the death toll.

  • The Italian government is preparing new measures, including extending foreign time areas, to deal with the biggest outbreak in Europe.

  • The country is now reporting more debts than even China.

  • It's also tell you more about the demographic that's been the worst hit.

  • The average age of the deaths so far have been 81 years, and most of them had an underlying medical condition.

  • Only 28% off the fatalities were women over.

  • The experts in China have ruled out any gender specific impact from the virus.

  • Globally, the fatality rate of Corbett, 19 is around 3% part.

  • In Italy, it's much higher 4.25%.

  • Italy's population is one of the oldest in the world on this makes the country more vulnerable to the virus.

  • The economy has been crippled by it on the country is staring at 1/4 recession in just 12 years.

  • Ratings agency Moody's slashed its growth forecast for it lead by 1% on tourism, the mainstay of the economy has dried up.

  • The crisis has also revealed cracks in the European Union.

  • The Czech Republic has ruled out that all people returning from Italy must be quarantined or face fines.

  • Slovakia's banned all flights to and from Italy, France, Germany and other EU countries have been accused of curving exports of medical equipment on isolating Italy in a time of need.

  • Meanwhile, Italy's sporting calendar has become an absolute mess, with multiple delays and matches behind closed doors.

  • The Alpine skiing World Cup finals on the Formula E race in room have been canceled.

  • Italy's Football League The study hours matches are still on track, but the teams will be forced to play without a crowd for the rest of the season.

  • We're now being joined by Stefano Bad Dine, live from Milan in Italy, form or insights on the study.

  • Stefano is a journalist to find.

  • Thank you so much for being with us here on the broadcast on we on world is one talkto a survival situation in Italy.

  • It is the government's measures so far have not been able to control the outbreak.

  • On the contrary, it's getting worse.

  • Hi, Thanks for having me.

  • Well, yes, the number of that.

  • The number of infected people keeps rising, and that's probably the most worrying aspect.

  • A CZ you said the four.

  • Today, the leader of the Democratic Party has announced said that they've been tested positive to the virus.

  • Also, the Vatican has just announced that the pope is going to delivery size Sunday prayer by Lifestream tomorrow instead of in person from his window as usual because of the virus.

  • What is the government doing the garment this week?

  • Order the closure of old schools for 10 days.

  • Still, mid March or professional scores will be play behind closed doors, but also universities, museums, theaters and tribunals who are forced to be closed.

  • Um, although the major problem now is according to the government and the authorities, is the fact that hospitals are about to be overcrowded, especially in the north of Italy, which is the most the most hit area.

  • And if more people will be infected, hospitals just won't have enough beds for treating everybody.

  • This is why the government decided to close old schools in public places at least for another week in order to contain the spread of the virus.

  • And this is why also, the government has just announced today that 20 thousands people would be hired from hospitals.

  • Stefano dr us about the situation in Milan in terms of the quarantine measures on the ground in Milan city, Milan is a commercial have a fashion hub off Italy and Europe and the world?

  • Well, yes, the regions that are most heat by the virus are all in the north of Italy.

  • Lombardia, whose capital is Milan, is one of them.

  • But also Venuto and Amelia Romani are the other two most hit Harris.

  • These are basically the most productive and reach areas of Italy.

  • Therefore, they're high chances that Italy will face a new recession this year.

  • Milan is not under quarantine.

  • There is an area south of Milan which is close to the city of La Di, which is under quarantine, and other areas in Van It Oh eso.

  • Luckily Milan at the moment is not under quarantine.

  • However, all the economic activities are seeing bad moments of bars and restaurants, but also factories Everything is a kind of, you know, done downsizing because of the virus.

  • And this this is probably one of one of the things that are most warring.

  • The people, paradoxically, is probably more the economy than the virus is the virus itself.

  • That is a reason off fear by the people here, Stefano joining us alive with that perspective, straight from Milan in Italy.

  • Thank you to find out for being with us here on the broadcast.

  • On we on.

  • Thank you.

The head of Italy's Democratic Party has tested positive for the new Corona virus.


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B1 中級 武漢肺炎 新型冠狀病毒 新冠肺炎 COVID-19

意大利民主黨黨魁尼古拉-津蓋蒂的冠狀病毒檢測呈陽性。 (Nicola Zingaretti, Italian democratic party's leader, tests positive for Coronavirus)

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