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  • Hello.

  • You're here early.

  • I thought I was late.

  • Check again.

  • They call it Daylight Savings.

  • Said it would help farmers.

  • They didn't expect it to destroy everything else.

  • It gets dark so early Now.

  • Became an hour.

  • But he's lost.

  • Mike, Did we lose an hour?

  • We spring forward, Fall back forward.

  • It's too confused.

  • Don't you see what's happening?

  • All the people are gonna have to change your clocks back.

  • You have to warn them.

  • Bird catches.

  • You have to come with me where we're going.

  • Way go.

  • No place where daylight savings doesn't exist.

  • Covered?

  • You can't run from this.

  • Don't you see daylight savings?

  • It's just an imaginary construct.

  • It stay like saving.

  • It's not our what?

  • We're running out of time.

  • You wanna buy an hour dark?

  • Select.

  • Hold the button, man.

  • Okay, okay.

  • Select the clock.

  • Where's click the clock?

  • I Jesus, you're back, not job.

  • You gotta close your eyes in order to truly see where you go.



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夏令營 - 電影預告片 (Daylight Saving - Movie Trailer)

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