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  • you're watching Fever predicts, predicting the big games in the football world by the medium off fee for 20 computer versus computer.

  • And it's the Manchester Darby professional footballer turned current pundit.

  • AM five Uncles is here with me to dissect the action, both managers in a spot of trouble.

  • Man City, already now concentrating on the Champions League Man United partying like it's 1999.

  • Well, at least they will when they hit 40 points or the manager's gonna do to shake it up where one idea they've moved it to shake things up is that they will handle each other's team.

  • Talks right?

  • Think peple going to the united dressing room and say something along the lines of Have belief.

  • Press hard, try and get a billionaire owner on Dolly will say, Wow, I've never been in the presence of so many talented footballers before 99 9 Surely they were talented footballers there, Maybe even more than this month.

  • City side know that team included running Johnson.

  • David May.

  • Yes, but Bloomquist So I beg to differ.

  • Any inferiority complex man United may have had before the game had been put to bed with some ticky tack outside the area before matter unleashed a shot that exploded like its hub of your guts eight months past its sell by date ticky tack ary and is it over?

  • Used as a phrase, it just means passing.

  • It does.

  • It just means passing.

  • Yes, it originated from the time when Sam Allardyce was still managing in the Premier League when some of his team's tactics were sophisticated is loading ah horse onto a medieval catapult, chucking it into the enemy's castle.

  • Sam Allardyce would have been Maur successful as a manager manage bigger teams if he'd changed his name to something foreign some, well, aladi, cheap.

  • Perhaps, I think if he'd changed his name if he changed his nationality, if he'd had a personality transplant and if we'd had a complete overhaul of how he approached football, then yes, I think there's every chance he would have been very successful.

  • Man City was stirred into awakening by that alarm clock of a goal, but there was still fumbling with the dressing gown and trying to find a clean cat ball while half asleep went up from the toaster, popped on absolute peace of toast of a Goldwater free kick from Kevin Deborah.

  • Interesting pose before the free kick.

  • He's got his hands on his waist, but they're not touching his waist, but he's lost a little weight.

  • Anthony and I think that message hasn't got through to his hands.

  • So they're they're resting where his hips used to be.

  • Speaking of change, look at the celebration.

  • After that.

  • John Stones ravaged by time.

  • He's aged about 15 years.

  • In the space of about half a minute, it's quite upsetting to see.

  • I think that's a result of playing in the back for that involved.

  • When Andy knows, it's very sad.

  • Both sides looked as if they wanted to get back into the warm halftime snuggles of their managers armpits.

  • But Anthony Marciel provided one last bit of magic, slicing through Johnstone's and Fernandina like a hot knife through butter.

  • Although Butter offers a bit more resistance and Pep might think about getting some butter for that January transfer window, he cleverly angled the ball off the keeper's head and into the goal.

  • Was that deliberate?

  • I think it was deliberate.

  • Yes, if Edison has a weakness, it's the back of his head, and I know for a fact that Marshall has been practicing that exact scoring maneuver that's in the ball off the back.

  • Yes, yes, although Carrington obviously he has Harry Maguire and Phil Jones to work with, so there's much more head to aim for.

  • Yes, absolutely was deliberate.

  • The turning point was, the red card matter clattered through his opponent like Bambi on that ill fated skiing trim matter clatter terrible tackle but great content for his block.

  • And was that the intention it might have been?

  • Yes, I know he's been struggling of late for content, and he loved his blog's.

  • So although it was absolutely disastrous for his team on the field, it did make for some very compelling block content.

  • And it's perfect piece of rights.

  • It's a lovely piece of writing.

  • If you're reading ages seven or over, I strongly recommend you check it out.

  • And it wasn't long before City made their numerical advantage pay.

  • Mendy stopped posting on Instagram long enough to exchange passes with Sterling, who unleashed silver down the rights, and he put the ball into the box for an exquisitely delicate finish from Jesus.

  • Then Kevin De Brana put the hosts in front.

  • Kevin Deborah, Kevin de Bruyne, Billy, you haven't broken Killing the body of the Bronco, Even off the Balloon Man City Tucked this game are gave it a mug of hot chocolate's kiss on the forehead and said, Good night, Sweet Prince put this game too bad for a city and that's what I'm saying, alluding to racking up slap interest in celebration with Jesus.

  • He rings someone.

  • Who's he ringing?

  • Well, you can see from the footage he's phoning Fernandina, who's standing just behind.

  • Why are they talking?

  • Well, I think they scored so many goals.

  • They run out of unique celebration.

  • So they're just having a phone chat, trying to work out.

  • What do we do now?

  • Then Raheem Sterling comes in on a conference call that's got a mess.

  • Things up a bit what it did, because there was a delay on the line.

  • He was calling in front, so they ended up just abandoning the conference call.

  • I'm just having a bit of an awkward hug when you score so many goals, you do recycle celebrations, and that is a problem.

  • I mean, every time I see onto one Griezmann score, I think to myself, Oh my goodness, what's he gonna do to embarrass himself this time, then another goal.

  • What's happened to Man United here?

  • E.

  • And I mean their downfall is hilarious, but it's kind of your being beaten over the head with it.

  • By this point, there's only so many times you can laugh before you got a sore head.

  • Yeah, I mean, it is funny, but it's a case of Har Har.

  • Ouch.

  • At the moment, I think if there is a ray of light for United, it's that being on the second page of the Premier League table, they don't have to look at where Liverpool are.

  • So there we have it.

  • Five to it finished now.

  • Competition time.

  • Pretty score of the real game in the comments section below.

  • Get it right and you'll win this pair of man United sunglasses blood at the top so you don't have to see where Liverpool are in the table.

  • On congratulations to last week's winners.

  • Your winners of these winners See you next time on FIFA, predicts Bob.

you're watching Fever predicts, predicting the big games in the football world by the medium off fee for 20 computer versus computer.


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