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  • Hi.

  • My name is Jimmy and the chef, that Madame Boat Fuzz.

  • A stable dish in Vietnam.

  • We all love because it's food for the soul, and I just I have to eat, fall like at least once a week.

  • There's different regions in Vietnam, and there's so many different variations.

  • Everyone has their own version.

  • Ours is a Southern style, so it's a little bit on the sweeter side.

  • There's also a northern style, which is a little bit salt here, and they may not have all the garnishes that we use.

  • All the recipes came down from my mom, my grandmother, and we'd like to eat it very rich.

  • So we add short rib, and I would say it's an American version of, you know, full on steroids.

  • The best way to eat your bull phone is when it's piping hot.

  • You know you want to sweat it out while you're eating it.

  • When you get the broth, you want a taste and you want to smell all the spices and all those notes have to hit your taste buds perfectly.

  • We try to capture all the elements of the beef, so it's on a really, really low boil, and we could all the meats down.

  • That's how we keep our brisket soft.

  • We cook our short rib, fall off the bone and all that takes time.

  • So our broth is cooked 24 hours, and after the meats are done, the spices go into the broth.

  • We start off with charred onions, ginger and shallots, and then star knees, cinnamon, Cartman, coriander seeds and fennel.

  • See without the Brock.

  • There's nothing right.

  • There's no music to dance to.

  • Garnishes comes on the side, and that's an extra crunch to the broth.

  • I like to add my bean sprouts in first because I like the suit to cook the bean sprouts.

  • Some people like it crunch here.

  • I like my beans.

  • Problems cook after, I would add basil.

  • Some people like peppers on spice.

  • Some people don't but I always at everything.

  • And I always squeeze a dashed line just to give it that extra kick in the Bronx when I started for my ball far, I like to eat the noodles first, just tow, see the texture and taste it with the broth.

  • This is a rice noodle.

  • There's different textures, but our restaurant, we like to use the thinner ones.

  • And because we buy our noodles fresh, we just dip it in the water.

  • Five seconds.

  • Pull it out, strain it and you're done.

  • I always add so Raja and hoisin, I like to do a 50 50 mix because it gives you like a little.

  • It's sweet and spicy at the same time, but I only use it just to dip my meats way.

  • Have Angus beef round I.

  • We usually put it raw, and the soup does the cooking beef brisket, and we also have our homemade beef meatballs.

  • And of course, you can't miss this.

  • This is the short rib.

  • As you can see, it just comes right off, and this is the best part of the broth, and this one makes it rough.

  • Great.

  • I always just dig in because our bulls are really hearty.

  • As you can see, there's like me everywhere, So the best way to eat it is with some meat, some onions, some noodles at the same time.

  • What's with some broth?

  • So everything in the spoon?

  • It was a party, my soul that my mom would always have a lot of people over and pulls off and like food is food is just a symbol of love, right?

  • Like it brings everyone together.

  • And I was the only child, so I would always have to help clean help prep for her.

  • And everything that I learned today as a chef is from my mom and my mom's kitchen.

  • We're not doing anything fancy.

  • We're just doing home cooked meals, Mom, Grandma style, you know, And we want you to feel like you're at home here, in a sense.



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