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  • so Hello, everybody.

  • Uh, this streets and then Mariette, we are at the Milano Vera host exhibition, and we want to show you a bit around.

  • What we're gonna do is we're gonna go from producer to producer and ask about their new innovation.

  • So you guys, guys, I want to be here, but cannot conf you and C and B inside of the exhibition.

  • Milano, fear a host.

  • So, uh, so that's what we're gonna do and die.

  • Okay, so we're here in some way.

  • You're about to hear a question she never knew together with 3 10 and John, John.

  • Johnny's a good barista.

  • I think the people most of my polos know him from New Zealand.

  • You said, and I spend a lot of time.

  • Okay.

  • Okay.

  • This is a family.

  • Very good.

  • No about Saturday, Mo's new machine, the Cafe Racer.

  • Well, the reason I have raised you less ballots, um, through on idea of wanting to be able to thread something between with with being approachable, very easy for Bristol to be able to use the same time.

  • Still very high end technology on being extremely active.

  • Okay, on then it's probably a big emphasis on design.

  • The machine is also customized from factories.

  • So being about people being able to personalize their espresso machine from the factory just like you would with way have is a slightly modified modified operate group.

  • It was like a light version off the machine.

  • Um, there's an individual with individual way video.

  • Yes, half a liter and then directly behind.

  • We have individual free heating boilers as well, which also half later on, then a Big 10 latest same booth.

  • 33 individual, previous three individual glory.

  • Okay, sounds is it's a single pump machine.

  • Soothe design of electronic circuits with pump is very stable, consistent through three groups.

  • Okay, about receiving the steam room, we've Actually, it's a slightly different version again.

  • Um, so I made the esteemed tap 360 degrees so easy and economic for left.

  • My people just lost touch with chess.

  • This'd is never oh, looking design.

  • It's a good sign tryingto blend myself.

  • Designer.

  • Yeah, we're both obsessed with motorbikes.

  • Way to create something kind of represented the framework of a kind of like what?

  • On also saying with displays.

  • Yes, this was kind of designed with modern version off, which gives us all the information here.

  • Make sure that.

  • Great.

  • So I want to show you the ties from this machine.

  • I saw it.

  • That's no problem, guys.

  • No, I cannot.

  • But so from behind.

  • No.

  • This beast.

  • See?

  • Some guys enjoy.

  • So thank you very much.

  • Thank you.

so Hello, everybody.


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2015年米蘭東道主的創新--第三部分:聖雷莫。 (Innovations at Milano Host 2015 - Part 3: Sanremo)

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