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  • Let's just get to the top step.

  • I'm Roger Samuels on 43.

  • I'm from London.

  • I'm a pastor's church has always been a big part of our life.

  • Singh was always in me from a small age.

  • I was in a choir at my father's church when I was about eight years old.

  • I sing in church still, I do weddings.

  • I do festivals and I love it.

  • I met my wife in church, and we've been together for 25 years.

  • We have eight Children.

  • Rochelle, Dijon, Raj A.

  • Reese, Novaya Hannah, King, Jeremiah.

  • On my grandson, Kumari.

  • Having kids is fun.

  • It's really Basil in our house because we're one team that's nice, were very creative, but we make up songs on the spot.

  • It could be something like this.

  • You know, someone else has got one more sausages in the ever So we were seeing you in a little sausages.

  • My dad is really talented on his our hair.

  • My kids really look up to me really well.

  • It made my wife and my Children so proud.

  • I can't wait to see the smiles of all of my Children.

  • I want to just let them know that If Daddy can do this, they can do it also.

  • Yeah.

  • You want with?

  • Wait.

  • You walk with me when I'm alone.

  • With so much I loathe along the way.

  • What's your name?

  • Roger Samuels.

  • Well, you're from Roger London.

  • It's such a big opportunity for me.

  • No family in my wife and my eight Georgia.

  • Wait.

  • You're gonna choir there?

  • Struggle to remember one name to site.

  • That was incredible performance.

  • You should be so proud.

  • This is just that the way you were singing, it came from a different place.

  • And I could tell you were singing with the purpose.

  • When Tom turned, I said, Oh, I got to go to class back in my own family.

  • Grandma has kids.

  • Wow, you guys are squad.

  • I'm telling you, this is a school day.

  • It's a beautiful thing.

  • And that's all you need is family, right?

  • That's all you know?

  • I mean, you guys should be proud of your dad.

  • Yeah, the budget comes down to Who you gonna pick as your coach questions now, Tom?

  • Yeah.

  • What do you see?

  • That you could do that would just take me to that next level?

  • I would find out What makes you take what you really love to do?

  • We could do anything you want to do because you have the voice for it.

  • Frankly, room watch.

  • I would just love to see how much more is in there and how many more other places it can go.

  • You know, it's up to you.

  • What?

  • What you feel.

  • But there's the female virgin and I'm the mail right to choose George.

Let's just get to the top step.


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羅傑-薩繆爾斯演唱利昂娜-劉易斯的《沙中的腳印》|嗓音舞臺#13 (Roger Samuels sings 'Footprints in the Sand' by Leona Lewis | The Voice Stage #13)

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