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  • It's an old man who committed the power laid off during the people's will.

  • Watch the girl again, right with the freaking Amanda is Marcy on the first side off the penalty area.

  • He comes in having seen Born head the ball forward nine times is runnin, but his jump is the thing.

  • Perfect.

  • Just getting there a split second before Benetti.

  • I don't think I've ever seen a player advance on a go and jump so accurately and so well timed, as Morrissey does for this gold.

  • Look inside you wait.

  • I mean away for four.

  • A little chip that want to royal tomorrow.

  • Good one second it's gone.

  • Pulled back to Britain.

  • This rest go long.

  • Good on the line.

  • Headed my way.

  • Hobby.

  • Oh, no Ground ball Kendall A second time, Jonah that he could really looks like he's going to try a long.

  • Okay, Hey, check my Web on Royal Creedy.

  • Skipper decided.

  • It's no use arguing with the referee ball before allover again up against Peter Bonetti, one of the finest goalkeepers you'll find anywhere else in the world.

  • Now they are stacked against Manette.

  • He can't move till Wallace taken the kick butt.

  • What's balls.

  • Right foot.

  • This is the woman which he tries to kill.

  • Panetti, move to the left, turns his right foot and Benetti is ready, but it still looks of the board's going to creep in inside the post because when it is a full strength, when he gets to the ball, and even so, he's got a palm the ball away.

  • This wonderful say was really defied all the odds against one of the finest penalty takers.

  • You could wish to meet anyone.

  • Get through this Baldwin morning.

  • Regulate West.

  • Go to Chelsea once again, the Hollands to try a long one strike so many of them in the match.

  • You'll remember what you did.

  • I wonder what same thing?

  • Five.

  • No way trying to feel like but penalty for tells you well, David West committed.

  • So don't go shooting.

  • Don't Black went up a big ball.

  • There goes the final whistle.

  • It's all one Or is it the score for Everton?

  • Reports matching with Chelsea minutes from the end of youngsters have run onto the pitch despite a warning of the program that this is the last warning a one that goes up in future.

  • They will pay full price of step.

  • So let's I'm afraid it's going to take much of your pocket money.

  • That scoreline could've read Chelsea one evident.

  • Do It it would have done.

  • But for that tremendous penalty saved by Peter Bonetti.

  • Come Alan Ball, Peter Bonetti tell us himself exactly what he felt.

It's an old man who committed the power laid off during the people's will.


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A2 初級

07/09/1968 切爾西對埃弗頓 (07/09/1968 Chelsea v Everton)

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