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  • Man United versus Man City combined 11 15 points between us, which would be 18 after Sunday.

  • I doubt you will be getting.

  • Many players are investing You have seen on the gala lately, right?

  • Call Kate Anderson all day long.

  • Did you not see the hair against evidence?

  • Best in the world, best in the world.

  • He's worse than Jordan faking Pickford.

  • If that fact longer gets in the team or chillier and I'm talking to you for four goons, Edison is bright back.

  • Car walk, move The most expensive British right back out of one.

  • Besecker.

  • Which one thing I know.

  • It's an expensive fullback.

  • Converse, aka it is centerbacks.

  • Jerry Maguire will that for his novelty sized head alone?

  • No, he was expensive.

  • He's in dump.

  • You really do have some expensive players.

  • No wonder you are fifth now.

  • Who else stores?

  • Jules George.

  • I'd rather have filled, Folded at centre back.

  • He didn't cost a penny scratch that I didn't mean literally scratched out.

  • Leave the best, um, player that I have ever coached but never play alone.

  • Full fortunes.

  • Verdict.

  • America parts booties injured.

  • Rather taken.

  • No legs.

  • Leopold and Jones and stones expensive too left back Zinchenko on us.

  • Recall him in turning Kevin deploying light.

  • Well, there's nothing like about my shelter Luke Show goalscoring!

  • If EKO Paedo didn't win God claim that cold.

  • Yes, but we can't play lingo that life back Camry.

  • I have fits stranger starting lineups for 40 years.

  • Verdict Like sharks midfielders United get over three Brutal on Fred.

  • I've got Fernandina Rodri and a fully fit Kevin Da Prata with Opal was very expensive.

  • So that is why Papa is always enjoyed you.

  • Damn you dream soon Kevin to Ginger Prince is definitely in and so is none of your useless place can score a penalty for enough So one last space 100% I would 100% dead.

  • 4 14 Verdict.

  • Unending Goltz A center buck forwards the savior of man United Season Gallop The African Gold Machine is this point to give all of my best players Corona Virus Sterling, a Gretel on Benado Silver Sort is doing Lin gather scored more goals with his back in 2020 and still against with any parts of his body.

  • You can't seriously be suggesting Jesse in God.

  • No, that would be an even worse decision that buying some of his clothing line?

  • Is that the best you could do?

  • Jesus.

  • I mean, Jesus.

  • He destroyed three or four fortunes.

  • Verdict passed.

  • Otto, Silver Aguero and somehow Raheem Sterling to bullshit.

  • What changes would you make to this combined 11?

  • Let me know in the comments and check out the other Manchester Darby videos below too the OSS.

Man United versus Man City combined 11 15 points between us, which would be 18 after Sunday.


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1️⃣1️⃣曼聯VS曼城:組合陣容!1️⃣1️⃣ (1️⃣1️⃣ MAN UTD vs MAN CITY: Combined XI! 1️⃣1️⃣)

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