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  • Yeah, you could always running.

  • No, Nickerson, you are not gone, huh?

  • Come on.

  • You got to take advantage of this.

  • They come right to your house because it's Anjali younger, submissive with large ankles.

  • Your pass, please.

  • No talk about racing.

  • Come on.

  • I'm all right now.

  • Talk about race.

  • You made us.

  • Maybe restaurant.

  • All right.

  • It's all right.

  • He's not getting up.

  • Boy, look at the faces.

  • So, Christian, where's Julia?

  • Get with him inside.

  • Inside.

  • She was drinking champagne.

  • That is, Don't we spoon like back that.

  • Taking everything.

  • Who's this dork?

  • We need all the challenger.

  • No.

  • Anyone talk to him, I tell you, she's gone.

  • I lost it.

  • I'm sorry.

  • I am terribly sorry.

  • Sarah.

  • 47 look.

  • Enter your code.

  • Retinal scan required.

  • No, don't be setting a wall going in five minutes.

  • The hell you doing it?

  • When I see you.

  • Wait three course for miles along the river.

Yeah, you could always running.


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湯姆-克魯斯的每一個跑龍套的場景,都有圖可查|《名利場》。 (Every Tom Cruise Running Scene, Mapped | Vanity Fair)

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