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  • drawn.

  • I had the dream again that it stays light out.

  • So they went away from me.

  • They took it away from all of us.

  • Keep your eyes open, kid.

  • Uh, why am I so tired?

  • Receiver Brunch menu.

  • We stopped serving brunch an hour ago.

  • It's daylight saving time.

  • It's happening again.

  • How does an hour just vanish?

  • Spring forward Some.

  • Sadie.

  • It's all the way back to Benjamin Franklin, down with debt.

  • That's where it gets interesting.

  • I've been monitoring this moment throughout history, some normal occurrences.

  • People, circadian rhythms being off and some not so normal.

  • He's killing during the amour.

  • That doesn't exist.

  • But if I told you that there was a way we can get the hour back, it's impossible.

  • We can't two AM 3 a.m. and here we are.

  • Are you ready to travel to the lost?

  • Our No time like the present, right?

  • I feel so.

  • Our Listen, your arms men talk of killing time.

  • Time I'll get this son of a bitch quietly kills Time's up someone.

  • It's 2 a.m. It's actually 3 a.m. No, no, the other way around.

  • It doesn't make any sense.

  • When it's three.

  • It's too, because it's the actual.

  • But we're springing forward, not a job.

  • Don't you see daylight savings?

  • It's just imaginary.

  • Construct it Stay like saving.

  • It's not very.



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夏令營:春天前進 - 電影預告片 (Daylight Saving: Spring Forward - Movie Trailer)

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