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  • Hello and welcome everyone. This Minoo at Anglo-Link.

  • Welcome to part 2 of our lesson on vowels and diphthongs.

  • If you haven't seen part 1, please start with that,

  • because it's important that you can clearly distinguish between short and long vowels

  • before we look at the differences between two short vowels, two long vowels or a vowel and a diphthong.

  • The more you can listen to these little differences and become aware of them, the better your listening comprehension will be.

  • So, use these videos and use Anglo-File 117 that you can have on our website:

  • to really become aware of these little differences.

  • So, if you've already listened to part 1 and you're ready for part 2, we can begin!

Hello and welcome everyone. This Minoo at Anglo-Link.


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A2 初級

元音和雙元音--英語發音和聽力練習(第二部分)。 (Vowels & Diphthongs - English Pronunciation & Listening Practice (Part 2))

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