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  • Love Island officially starts on Sunday.

  • You know what?

  • I just totally love the first episode where the couple okay paid.

  • I love it so much.

  • I am so good.

  • I cannot say the launch.

  • I currently in the jungle in Australia.

  • I just live.

  • Just can't wait for Sunday to sit there and meet Jim Jams and just watch Love Island.

  • Oh, my God.

  • Sunday?

  • Well, yeah, I'm excited to watch.

  • Eventually hopefully lead to 60 men in there when I went to Washington.

  • Filth lying, of course.

  • Washington.

  • Come, baby.

  • Not sex.

  • I aid of a on my gods like another love island.

  • I'm so shocked.

  • Absolutely.

  • I'm not a forward to watching.

  • Things are good, you know?

  • Even I love it.

  • It's just It's so brilliant after seeing the effort, honey.

  • Stunning the I still cannot believe that corner lived are just being Maybe we'll find someone else.

  • I know very someone who is not sensitive.

  • Maybe someone who understands my Spencer.

  • Yeah, like things are stoking okay with, like me and leak.

  • Um I'm sorry to Rebecca, but the tables have turned now I quite like oven options.

  • If I'm being honest, I'm sore.

  • Not happy with this situation and our fellowship.

  • More doors clean off with this girl cord.

  • I think it's Margie.

  • Callum brought me up and get a backbone.

  • Yeah, I just feel like Chad is dislike.

  • So nice, like, obviously on.

  • Like if you ever need anything, like a deck chair moving like hell, just like come along.

  • And he would excite me the lecture.

  • And you don't even need to, like, say anything already.

  • Be likely.

  • I kind of got word.

  • Ciao.

  • Hey, just because go, friend, I was I So, God, journal, after I sent the fun, I'm crying.

  • I've got bored.

  • Gates, If you're still farm to me after this, he must be departing on that.

  • The winners of the violent 2020 r page.

  • And then I'm gonna could I am so happy.

  • I'm sorry, but eight on.

  • I'm just really happy for them, obviously.

  • Like it would have been really nice to have one.

  • But Nike, there's such a great couple those ages, those in Evita, just as happy with them.

  • I'm still not happy that I have found my mom.

  • And finally, Schoener anything that you would like to say Congrats, huh?

Love Island officially starts on Sunday.


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