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  • which are beginning to loathe quite clean nous of contact that he might have wished for.

  • Best move of the game so far without any question.

  • 10 minutes played Babayaro down the left, so for once, quite note.

  • Perfect.

  • Terry.

  • Also walk with Pembridge.

  • Very good chance pulling to a plan.

  • Goals of more or less dried up in recent months.

  • Mark Pembridge.

  • Some lucky ricochets hit the body well enough, but I couldn't keep it on target on Chelsea.

  • Escape.

  • Radzinski tracking back by Frank Lampard Beginning to pick passes on that some past.

  • It's Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink Chelsea, but it's one now what?

  • A move by Chelsea.

  • Full length of the pitch with a criminal loving going on inside the center circle in celebration of the build up to the booth passes the best of the country.

  • It always seems to score against Everton here for in the last two seasons, and he's added to his tally from a peach of a pass by Gianfranco Zola.

  • Hassle bank, Yes, but he has a bank wants it back, getting rather forlorn figure ball on Peti.

  • It's another Chelsea beauty on again it solo who set it up with a wonderful love Emmanuel Petit Maxes 50th game for the club with only a second goal look.

  • Quality of the assist perfectly.

  • Times rightly know Hema came out, was stranded and it is so just have to swing and hit the target.

  • So two assists first a hassle bank now too pretty and Chelsea lead to nil.

  • Plenty to celebrate Alison Terry slip there.

  • Hence the room for rats.

  • Escape a Semblance seven opening for the Canadian striker back to John Terry falling on the seat of his pants.

  • Italians have arrived in the center, led by milk it on Gallus and Terry, three of the four goalkeeper was almost embarrassed.

  • Turning into a virtuous knight first persists and then a wicked girl on the free kick, which the guilty for peddling I would not have got to.

  • Gallus really fancies himself.

  • Has no injury center forward scored against Manchester United score against Sunderland only on Saturday.

  • Stan ex lovely clean header from a very fine corner from Jimmy Floyd Hasselbaink.

  • This may well put the time beyond Everton now classic near post header from a set piece.

  • Jumping with him was leaked on.

  • It was a mismatch, so the same routine again.

  • Last Hasselbeck corner brought Stanic his goal of the near post.

  • He's there again, Castle back.

  • Wicked wonderful strike.

  • It's four on.

  • It's a double now for Hassell.

  • Bank.

  • Chelsea are in Prime Bull.

  • No laughing matter.

  • If you're an Evertonian, scoreline is beginning to assume embarrassing proportions with power alone skimmer right across the face of the goal keeper into the far corner.

  • It's in its runing a couple of cross field goals in the first time, showing too much tonight now that, like handball, it's a penalty.

  • Callus headed the ball onto his own arm.

  • Obviously not intentional, but clearly handball.

  • Just about the clearest possible handball.

  • Interesting choice of penalty taker.

  • 17 year old Wayne Rooney saved behind by calculus acknowledgment to the goalkeeper, but it was probably struck just about the first negative in Wayne Rooney's professional career.

  • Make no mistake, Be plenty more positives.

  • Travis.

which are beginning to loathe quite clean nous of contact that he might have wished for.


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切爾西4-1埃弗頓,2002年聯賽盃。 (Chelsea 4-1 Everton, League Cup 2002)

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