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  • First up.

  • Jose King, Joonas Sugar, Sean O'Malley Face off for their type.

  • Featured Yes, friend.

  • Feel about Up Next.

  • Max Griffin and Alex Cowboy, Holy Baron and a welterweight scrap.

  • Max Griffin Show off socks.

  • Cowboys showing off the cons.

  • It's a lot of poaching on display in that one.

  • Another welterweight fight between Neil Magne.

  • Lead youngling leech.

  • Next wait, scratch your car clothes and been healed.

  • Their use Co main event title.

  • Fight.

  • Our future strongly champion.

  • James Wiley, Former champion.

  • You wanna NJ chick wards are being said You want?

  • Jason says.

  • I always shut your mouth with my foot.

  • Some words between the champion former champion Wiley tells you.

  • Want to shut up, Says I will shut you up with my foot.

  • Okay, stare down between the champion former champion of that.

  • Cole made events Crap.

  • A man of the hour Israel Adesanya middleweight champion and you will remember it face to face.

  • Oh, okay, Cool.

  • That's a wrap of USC to 48.

  • Media day staredown.

First up.


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UFC248媒體日的對決 - MMA格鬥大賽 (UFC 248 Media Day Staredowns - MMA Fighting)

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