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  • turning now to some horrifying moments inside a Colorado home.

  • And they were all captured on police body camera.

  • Ah, suspect keeping four people inside, including Children.

  • Officers moving in.

  • Clayton Sandal has more on the dramatic images.

  • We're not playing the way.

  • Make sure.

  • Pretty safe.

  • Okay.

  • Tonight, new video shows police in Greeley, Colorado in a dangerous standoff, An armed man in this house refuses to come out.

  • You're a lot of kids and one woman are inside with him, but he won't let them leave way.

  • I need to make sure that everyone you may be over for a little bit.

  • Man.

  • You show your hands.

  • Can you talk to me about what's coming today?

  • Thio Crisis negotiator tries to talk him out as a SWAT team.

  • Surround the house.

  • That's when officers see kids in an upstairs window.

  • There's one right here.

  • You know somebody's waving at us.

  • Open your window.

  • They scrambled to find a way to reach them.

  • Hey.

  • Hey, kids, can you push the screen out?

  • You gotta have a ladder.

  • We got a ladder.

  • One officer quietly climbs to the kid's bedroom.

  • Just get down.

  • Okay, you guys start getting ready to go.

  • Training is gone on the bedroom door while the kids climb to safety.

  • Keeping careful.

  • I got you.

  • I got you and Lindsay.

  • After that, rescue police were able to convince the man to release the other child and the woman that were in that house.

  • They say he then shot himself.

  • He did not survive.

  • Police say this all began when the man violated a restraining order.

  • Lindsay, Quite a dramatic story.

  • Are things to Clayton on that?

  • Hi, everyone.

  • George Stephanopoulos here.

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turning now to some horrifying moments inside a Colorado home.


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在科羅拉多州家中的恐怖時刻被人體攝影機拍下 ABC新聞。 (Horrifying moment inside Colorado home caught on body cam l ABC News)

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