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  • Well, then you don't ask a lady, will.

  • She was asking you.

  • Good job.

  • Supermarkets, White states to How are you gonna get there, Push him on a bus left?

  • People like getting on a bus like, Oh, Ted is coming over way.

  • Could put them up for a couple of nights.

  • Couldn't weigh How long you stop.

  • I'm not going back.

  • It's your mother seeing someone?

  • No, but anyway what?

  • She was very attractive girlfriend, you know, in love or getting here.

  • I can't face that every day.

  • Let me see what I can do.

  • This is you all over jelly and manipulating your dad.

  • If Romeo and Juliet hadn't died when they did, they just have fallen out anyway.

  • After award winning last tango in Halifax on one.

Well, then you don't ask a lady, will.


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A2 初級

在哈利法克斯的最後一曲探戈。第5集預告|BBC預告片 (Last Tango in Halifax: Series 5 Trailer | BBC Trailers)

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