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  • anyone but livable.

  • While Liverpool has not bean this close to winning the Premier League for 30 years, this slogan is commonplace in India.

  • Where did this hate from Mohamed Salah team come from?

  • Liverpool are often mocked by players and facts.

  • Only two teams have Bean top at Christmas have not won the league and both of them was livable.

  • So hopefully that's the story.

  • Since 1990 they have rarely bean title contenders.

  • Liverpool FC has been the target of a wife of abuse.

  • It's becoming a popular trend.

  • Lots of people would rather they didn't win the Premier League.

  • A prime example is when the trolls bring up Steven Gerrard slip in 2014 which cost Liverpool title.

  • This feeling is down to the arrogant attitude of Scouse fans.

  • Fans act as if they are the best team in England.

  • Manchester United, Liverpool's nemesis, have a chance which underlines this lack of silver.

  • Since Liverpool's last title, Peter Schmeichel has won the Premier League multiple times, had a son, his son has grown up and won a title as well.

  • The Anfield myth is another source of irritation, the enthusiasm characterized by the wild night scene at Anfield as well as the famous You'll Never Walk Alone are out of touch, according to opposition fans.

  • Even worse, the stadium is considered a tourist spot owing to the 100,000 foreign fans who visit Anfield each season.

  • Something which isn't appreciated by domestic fans when you'll never walk alone is sung before big games, you get the impression that they are the first football team to have come up with the chart.

  • Some people think that if Liverpool win the title, Ritz fans will be unbearable.

  • The media coverage around Liverpool has also become annoying.

  • The significance number of former Liverpool players in the media and their lack of objectivity has been singled out in the UK Their excuses for players when things don't go their way is frustrating.

  • They embody the same, always the victims.

  • Never your fault.

  • Jurgen Klopp, blaming the wind and accusing Pep Guardiola of sabotaging the field didn't go down well as one Chelsea fan says.

  • It all started with the haze of drum.

  • You always get the impression that when someone dives on the pitch against Liverpool they'll say it's a plot against them like against Real Madrid.

  • But when Salah dives.

  • They may be playing well at the moment, but the Reds always suffer from the same comparison.

  • Liverpool play a very attractive style of football, but Manchester City are still the best team tow watch.

  • It's not even close.

  • While they inspire millions of people across the world, the Reds are not very popular.

anyone but livable.


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為什麼英國足球迷如此痛恨利物浦--《我的目標》。 (Why English football fans hate Liverpool so much - Oh My Goal)

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