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  • I was overwhelmed.

  • Honesty?

  • She said I must be pure of heart.

  • He called himself.

  • We served just like a wizard from Harry Potter or some.

  • But you're saying that other people have experienced this in a sense.

  • Yes.

  • Do you remember what he said to you?

  • He tested me.

  • There were these statues, their eyes.

  • It's like they were looking at me, making me think things.

  • What horrible things into these.

  • Approximate what you saw?

  • Yes.

  • That's exactly how I remember.

  • It's I don't understand.

  • How do you know?

  • Recurrent imagery has proven very common in cases of mass hysteria.

  • Mass hysteria.

  • I know the terms a bit theatrical, but take UFO sightings, for example.

  • Lights in the sky, flying saucers, isolated incidents of people who do not know each other symbols.

  • As for about the symbols.

  • Sorry, Ms Kwan, but as an example of recurrent imagery, maybe you recall seeing these symbols before the alleged abduction.

  • I don't remember any symbols.

  • No, I think I caught it on video.

  • There was something.

  • I remember the numbers on my alarm clock.

  • They kept shifting video.

  • Show me the video.

  • Uh, Ms Kwan, this is Dr Savanah.

  • Um, one moment I can send it.

  • What's there?

  • What's going on?

  • What's happening then?

  • This blinding light all around me and I felt like I was getting pulled down into selling feel like sunlight.

  • Camping car from a guy called to save the world.

  • I appreciate your enthusiasm, but your funding, my project.

  • And when I'm interviewing, I don't want to be interrupted.

  • 56 recorded abductions I never saw, so what?

I was overwhelmed.


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Dr. Crosby and Dr. Sivana Interviews | Shazam![4k, HDR] (Dr. Crosby and Dr. Sivana Interviews | Shazam! [4k, HDR])

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