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  • Hello there, guys.

  • What is going on?

  • Summer Chelsea back here again for another edition of my team selector.

  • Head of the game against Everton on Sunday In the primitive, the race for Champions League football resumes.

  • And it's a big game once again for chosen to get back on track in the Premier League and to pick up a valuable free points as we get closer to the end of this season.

  • Ongoing.

  • Very interesting because I think Chelsea definitely need to follow up on that brilliant performance the other night.

  • And let's hope a lot of players who perform well can perform well again in the league on Sunday.

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  • But let's get into the game and team selector and sort of my belief in what the starting lineup is gonna be.

  • Usually it's quite unpredictable Chelsea this season in Lam Pot, but this game might be more predictable because of the lack of fit players.

  • We have that injury less that keeps planning up week on week.

  • It's the worst injury list I've seen as a Chelsea fan in my time support in the club.

  • It's horrendous and it only adds further struggle on DA sort of difficulty for land pod this season.

  • I think it actually may be worth bringing your boots to Stamford Bridge on Sunday just in case Frank needs you off the bench because the lack of players we have is staggering on.

  • Let's hope and fingers crossed.

  • It can improve soon because it's just such a struggle and it limits what we can do in what Frank Lampard wants to do in the game.

  • Andi can affect our results negatively, pretty simply cover churches out Bad news on that one.

  • His Achilles injury isn't as bad as 1st 4 Believe the party just will miss this game, which is good because he's been Chelsea's player of the season.

  • More bad news kind of us in other ways re injured his hamstring, which is of course, terrible news.

  • We thought he was getting closer to getting back on the pitch, but that's gonna be delayed.

  • Now he's going for a scam.

  • Tammy Abraham as well is out party toward the end of the month, which I guess is positive news.

  • Not as bad as some others on William is a doubt on the positive side.

  • Christian Pulisic and Ruben Los Tres Chic played in a behind a closed door game for Chelsea.

  • Reuben apparently played 45 minutes, both getting back on the pitch, which is good.

  • Christian Pulisic hopefully will be fit for the Aston Villa game and Ruben, maybe on the bench for Sunday.

  • So he may make his return even if it is a brief cameo.

  • Because, of course, he has played more football recently in Christian pewter.

  • Sick began into my team.

  • I think keeping similarity with the with the other night and sort of consistency and chemistry thing is key, especially in defense of pepper for me is gonna be in go.

  • I'm gonna keep the same back for Dave, Rudy, Zuma and Alonso.

  • That was the backfire that kept a clean sheet.

  • You have a knife on you know chemistry and consistency has been one thing that we've lacks so often in that area, pretty much all season on.

  • Let's hope maybe keeping the same players will help that an eight dot on Sunday fingers crossed midfield free.

  • Billy Gilmore has to start.

  • He was man of the match the other night, absolutely mesmerizing against Liverpool.

  • Let's hope against, uh, the other Merseyside team he could do to say it was gonna be a little bit of a different challenge for Gilmore.

  • I believe because Liverpool, you know, with that stature with what they're doing currently it's a It's a game where we knew we were gonna have to sit back.

  • We're gonna have party more space on the counter against Everton.

  • You expecting to come to the bridge and sit a little bit?

  • The person Chelsea is the onus on Chelsea to break them down, which is probably a new struggle for Billy Gilmore.

  • But let's hope he can, right?

  • So the test, like he has all the other challenges already.

  • So I have full confidence in him playing well once again alongside him.

  • I think Reese James will play in midfield because just a lack of options.

  • There's no cover Georgina suspended.

  • Can't stay still out.

  • Reuben, of course, is not fit yet.

  • So Reese James, of course, is played there for Wigan before in his career.

  • So I just really, really good passing in that area.

  • And I just really based on the lack of options Frank has.

  • Unless he doesn't matter.

  • One puts Andrew in there.

  • I believe James will probably be alongside Billy Gilmore in a really young looking central midfield.

  • Ahead of them, Probably even a four foot three or 4 to 31 are Ross Barkley.

  • Scored the other night is gonna be full of confidence.

  • Let's hope he can play well against his former club, Really erratic player.

  • But that was part of his best moment in the Chosen shortly overnight.

  • So let's hope that gives him a lot of confidence and belief.

  • The two wingers, I think, obviously, Pedro, what his socks off the overnight absolutely deserves his place in this game and Mason mount pretty much if William's not fit mountains got play.

  • We've got no other options on the wing, so I believe makes amount will start as well and of course, Olivier Giroud up top.

  • He worked his socks off us.

  • Well, let's hope you can get back in scoring ways.

  • Your close against Born with.

  • Let's hope he can find a goal that's much needed for Chelsea on Sunday.

  • So that is my team selected for the game on Sunday.

  • Please let me know your lineups in the comments below.

  • Thank you guys so much.

  • Taking a time.

  • So watch this video.

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  • That's on a Chelsea, and I'll see you again.

Hello there, guys.


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