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  • now gentle, free early warning weather with meteorologist Mike Camera.

  • Warmer weather.

  • It's on its way.

  • It's coming tomorrow.

  • You see where it is to the South.

  • It was in the fifties and Chicago, Minneapolis ST Paul and also towards Louisville, and that's the air that's coming our way.

  • You look a little farther to the West sixties were seen, and we cut that in the forecast to, especially as we look towards money.

  • Luck it up.

  • South Dakota 79.

  • Maybe not seventies, but maybe close as we look towards Monday.

  • So a couple of warm days air coming.

  • In fact, our future cast is showing that quite well.

  • Here's Sunday afternoon You could see low to mid fifties projected by future cast, and then when we take this forward to Monday, just wanted to show you that this thing is taking it well into the sixties.

  • Away from the water, you see Hartford up through Enfield, at least 2 66 noticed the sea breeze might have some effect Monday on how warm it gets in New London, Chester and also New Haven.

  • But I think mid to upper sixties, especially in the northern Connecticut River Valley, will be possible and especially and field Windsor locks up towards the Springfield area.

  • This is where we might get close to 70 degrees Monday, all the while both tomorrow and Monday.

  • It's also gonna be partly sunny out there now notice it's chilly, and with our eye cam, you can see dry ground.

  • Of course, it was just a beautiful day.

  • Just a cool day in Hartford to it's already at 39 degrees.

  • With that wind still out of the north northwest and here's Waterbury, you could see how it's 36 degrees and we still have.

  • That northwesterly wind on a cold night will be coming tonight, too, with lows going into low in mid twenties.

  • So it still will be cold tomorrow morning.

  • But because the air is dry because they'll be just a light breeze and because we'll have clear skies will have that warming very fast during the course of the day tomorrow.

  • So we do expect tomorrow for temperatures to go into the fifties, we look at Hartford, we're thinking 56 New Haven tomorrow, 50 57 4 Enfield, you look at Salisbury, even in the northwest corner will see temperatures in the lower fifties.

  • Same thing for north Eastern Connecticut as well.

  • The coolest spot might be new London were saying 49 especially right at the water just didn't land.

  • Even in London, you might have some neighborhoods of 50 or 51.

  • Clear skies do abound.

  • There might be a few wispy clouds in our sky overnight, but not too many of the models just say that this little disturbance that mainly will be toward North.

  • It has a little strain of clouds in the New York state, so we might have a few of those floating around.

  • But it's not gonna be a big deal.

  • But what it does represent, actually, is that line of warmer air.

  • You got this little weather front out here that needs to move through, but once it does, that unleashes that warmth with fifties and sixties you saw to the South, and that is what's gonna help out and warming things up tomorrow.

  • So you see these little floaty clouds around during the morning hours.

  • Tomorrow, those air hides thin, serious clouds, really more than anything else, shouldn't do much the more than add the interest of the sky.

  • But what they really represent is that warmer air that's gonna be working its way in.

  • And as the wind switches more southerly tomorrow with all of the sunshine, it is gonna be a lot milder.

  • By mid afternoon, you saw on our other future cast display how we had temperatures projected to be in the mid fifties.

  • This display shows just hardly a cloud in the sky by that point.

  • So it's fifties coincident with sunshine on a March day.

  • That's pretty good.

  • That's what we have in your early warning.

  • Seven day forecast.

  • One other little side note here, this whole little antic about having to push your clock forward because of daylight saving time.

  • Well, that happens tonight.

  • So before you go to bed, if you have one of those antiquated clocks that doesn't do it on its own, make sure you set your clock forward one hour s O that you're not late to everything tomorrow.

  • You see, though again tomorrow we're expecting highs in the fifties.

  • As we look toward Monday, another beautiful day will be coming.

now gentle, free early warning weather with meteorologist Mike Camera.


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