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  • Hi everyone, it's Katrina, and this is you Love Your Body series. Now today, we are going


  • to Love Our Abs, so follow along. I'm going to just grab dumbbells. I have 8 pounds. And


  • I just want you to tip from side to side, warming up your waistline. And slide the dumbbells


  • down. And 4, 3, 2 and 1. Now we're gonna put one dumbbell down for your Love Triangle.


  • So you're going to put your left foot out to the side, and your right foot is facing


  • straight forward. And then your right arm goes in the air, and roll your left arm right


  • down your leg, and then come up. Working that waistline right here. So we're toning that


  • whole side. Okay, go down and then come up. It helps to look at the dumbbell and make


  • sure you're going straight down with it, and then right above you. Good. Okay, three more


  • -- 3, 2 and 1. Other side, switch. Two more. Last one. Good. Now put that dumbbell down.

    -- 3、2、1,另一邊,換人。再來兩個最後一個很好 現在把啞鈴放下 Good.現在把啞鈴放下

  • We are going to go to the end of our mat. I want you to bend over. Come down into a


  • plank on your hands. Good. Stay right there. We are going to cinch from side to side. So


  • you go this way and then go this way -- 4, 3, 2, last one. Now I want you to flip to

    你走這條路,然後走這條路... 4,3,2,最後一個。現在我要你翻到

  • your side. Dip down. Come up, plank. Flip to the side. Dip down, up. There you go. Stay


  • with me. Two more. Last one. Good. Now I want you to go down into Downward Facing Dog, and

    和我一起。再來兩個最後一個。很好,現在我要你到 "倒立的狗 "裡去現在我要你到 "朝下的狗 "裡去,然後...

  • lift one leg up. Come to your elbow, one leg up. Into the middle. Lift up and do the opposite.


  • Great job. And last one. Good. Now stay right here. Take a deep breath. Left leg in the


  • air to your elbow. Middle. To the side. And last one. Good. Now I want you to turn over


  • onto your back. We're gonna work the lower abs again. Hands underneath your bum. Bring


  • your legs here. Now I want you to draw a heart, and then come up a little bit. Heart and then


  • come up. Heart, come up. And heart. Good. Now go down. And back up. Okay, four more


  • -- 4, 3. All the way down -- 2 and 1. Good. Now hands behind your head. We're going to

    -- 4、3,一直往下走,2、1,很好現在雙手放在腦後We're going to

  • crunch up to the middle, to the side, and to the side. Good. Now I want you to bring


  • your leg up when you come up to the side, middle, and side. Good. Just lift those shoulder


  • blades off the ground, and you'll feel that all throughout your upper abs. Great job.


  • Last set. To the side, to the middle, and to the side. Good. Reach for the sky. And


  • roll up. Alright, we want you to pair that with your Cupid's Cardio. And remember, your


  • printable routine is at the link below. And check-in with us on Facebook, Twitter. And


  • leave a comment below with if you did the workout, if you loved it, and especially that


  • you love your body. See you next time.


Hi everyone, it's Katrina, and this is you Love Your Body series. Now today, we are going


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Love Your Abs Routine With Katrina! | Tone It Up Love Your Body Series

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