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  • time to meet our next couple.

  • Anya on Danny.

  • My name is Anya.

  • Harness hands on 25 years old, been professional ballroom dancers for the past 17 years.

  • I started as a little girl currently from New York City, but I'm originally from Russia.

  • We first met Anya in New York when she performed with ballroom partner Pasha Kovalev, who also made the top 20 that was so hopped.

  • Wow, technically, you have to be good, but I truly believe in the passion and and I feel that I can bring the passion across every time I dance.

  • Many have said, Well, I'm 22 years old and I'm from Virginia Beach, Virginia I was with American Ballet Theatre, and it was a touring company.

  • Classical ballet company.

  • Danny is the adopted brother of last year's Travis.

  • They first met at the dance studio owned by Denise Wall.

  • Travis's mother didn't stand up to me when I was 12 years old.

  • I was taking from Harvard in two and 1/2 years before I moved in with her, and then I went to the Cure off in D.

  • C.

  • For my classical ballet training and with his technical skills, it wasn't surprising that Danny gotta get straight from New York to Vegas.

  • Just come down here betters myself.

  • It's more like So how would a ballroom dancer partnered with a contemporary dancer cope with the Giants?

  • You're right.

  • Choreographer and US Latin dance champion Tony MEREDITH would be hoping he could get that jive.

  • Talking Jive has a very bouncy, flavorful, exciting energy to it.

  • There's a lot of kicking, a lot of flicking.

  • I really admire my partner because it's not an easy routine.

  • So Danny, when he first came in, you know, he really once he's a perfectionist, he wants to get it.

  • You want to see if you can really, like own it?

  • Immediately you can see the frustration.

  • Yeah, I lost.

  • Okay.

  • 1234 Lady, Here you go.

  • She's bossy.

  • I just said that probably just because I want to, like, get it, like, done and just finish the routines.

  • Sometimes they can't control, you know, on your wanting to help be in the lead to help him take the lead.

  • So it's like you get this wrestling match back and forth and sort of, ah, Bountiful, who's in charge is in charge so it might just take a little bit of time, but I know that I'll get it way ready for a tussle.

  • Dancing the giant girlfriend.

  • Ladies and gentlemen, Yes?

  • Doesn't know you.

time to meet our next couple.


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13 Anay和Danny的Jive (Part 1 the performance) Se3Eo6. (13 Anay and Danny's Jive (Part 1 the performance) Se3Eo6.)

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