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  • Scotland have a relatively experienced group here.

  • Compared to the French, they have an average cat count of 55 compared to the young a pope.

  • For France, it's going to be tough.

  • Afternoon.

  • Four game official head to head results They make great reading for them with 34 nil losses of 141 loss.

  • So it's going to be about whether the younger players can overcome their nerves to play with some freedom and expression.

  • So the French get us underway for the second game off the day here in Banbury, chalk up in Northern Ireland is I'm delighted to say I'm joined by Stephen Martin, Triple Olympian Ponti Oh bustling through the midfield, winning the first tackle circle, forcing the ball in touch that there is in France taking the lead with their very first control.

  • Inside the circle, the car was on the far post that came through from the bustling around the captain and upon Thio, playing it into the circle, just falling kindly.

  • Scotland, however, back in the circle patootie themselves, can't get a penalty corner.

  • First penalty corner off the afternoon for Scotland, Castle comes in with a slap drive down to the goalkeeper's bottom right hand side.

  • Good diving interception in the end to deny the Scots Lacan finding the ball out onto the right hand side.

  • Lop, it'll not tell on the back and cuts across the circle.

  • Big double pads together from Gibson in the Scottish go dark dark, certainly forcing him from wide down the left hand side.

  • I was on a feeling that Scott again, can I get into?

  • Can there be equalizer for Scotland?

  • It was messy in the middle of the circle, but in the end it falls kindly.

  • Kate Holmes Tuckey in on the far post goalkeeper double.

  • Really well.

  • Matile Petro's It comes across to get the touch still run on one simple again.

  • Usurp a cute little tuck inside right to left.

  • Now overlaps tries to find the ball.

  • Get the ball back from Burnett but not spend 100 degree and 80 degrees into the circle.

  • Runs deep life penalty corner.

  • Everything.

  • Scottish forces in that situation where a bit of a static well, Scotland have got a yellow card.

  • Now games here toe when you, if you want it, get a little bit higher up the pitch available further up in the Scottish half.

  • Well, that's a penalty corner given against Robin Collins.

  • Driving into the circle looks like a hit from one Sinus flick from the other.

  • Indeed, in long dragged down to cauterize ago, that isn't You know, you got to say, for a goalkeeper of Gibson's quality, that's not a great video goalkeeping, but that's a goal for Franz.

  • I think it's victory and Bang Kimmel off that right hand castle.

  • That's a steal in the circle Scotland of the opportunity down Lee, and it's gonna stick it all.

  • Go Keep again.

  • Gets a touch of scramble.

  • Play for the fridge.

  • Deep defense.

  • Okay, on as the clock ticks down on actual field of flight.

  • What a result.

  • That is the second game of the day in the F H.

  • Siri's finals season.

  • The Scoreline of Scotland.

  • One.

Scotland have a relatively experienced group here.


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蘇格蘭 - 法國 - 女子足球系列賽總決賽 - 匹配02 影片突出 (Scotland v France | Women's FIH Series Finals | Match 02 Highlights)

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