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  • or they're running way go as the rest of the pack follows.

  • I think this guy leads with first quarter mile, every his claim to fame, his claim of favors that have at one point I lead the pack.

  • I led the field.

  • He's not a bad spreader.

  • He is average career with that nice, easy glide I.

  • That's the thing that they make it look so effortless than it doesn't really look.

  • Well, it's just running down the street until you try to do it yourself, and you can see how hard everyone else has to work and how easy and smooth and efficient Wesley career is so impressive.

  • Field of elite runners There's more but Number 10 on the left, The tall man in the very nice green shoes and green top.

  • But you know what they're gonna do.

  • They're all gonna look at number one Wesley career.

  • There's also always an Alfa runner in every field, and Wesley career is definitely that man talking Wesley, and he says that this is his race.

  • This is his hometown, and he is going to take it for the three peat.

  • He's absolutely confident he's so excited, but you can see that this rain is starting to come down now.

  • Wesley has made his way back up in the style of four man pack once again as we're 43 minutes 30 seconds into the 2011.

  • John Daly out of the bottle.

  • Problem here.

  • Once again, three men together.

  • Geneti number 23 misses his bottle curb market, grabs his Wesley, gets confused by what happened in front of him, went back and stopped Ben Maiyo, his countrymen number two.

  • But you could see that advantage happens very, very quickly, and it's always been.

  • It's always been that way that eight stations are like their pit stops in auto racing and action happens there.

  • And now he made up all that energy.

  • Now Komaki a number six has gone to the front and push the pace hard.

  • And now Wesley Career has decided not to answer that call.

  • I wonder if if I had ice don't can hear us.

  • Ed, can you hear us?

  • And what do you make of this?

  • Yeah, I can hear you.

  • One thing that's going on is there running extremely fast.

  • Men are on about 207 20 pace.

  • Right now.

  • We've lost our camera signal because of the weather.

  • But we can tell you that Marcus Geneti, who Tony has been talking about, is running this marathon at a blistering pace.

  • And now you are watching Markos Geneti about to pass a me Hastings and the other elite runners for the women he passed on Boozer Nesh data.

  • And he has just passed them.

  • And, of course, if he finishes this marathon as on pace, he will get $100,000.100,000 dollar bonus.

  • Look at him go.

  • Can you believe it?

  • His debut, 205 50 is the marathon debut record by Evans Rudo from Chicago.

  • This'd be the fourth fastest.

  • This will be the second fastest debut in America in marathon history.

  • I believe there's a coach haji a deal.

or they're running way go as the rest of the pack follows.


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馬科斯-熱內蒂贏得2011年洛杉磯馬拉松賽冠軍 - 環球體育報道 (Markos Geneti wins 2011 LA Marathon - from Universal Sports)

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