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  • Hello and welcome back to another.

  • Rangers walk to debate Poplin Roscoe, Nia Brooks following that Davis Day and Performance against Hearts.

  • But we will defeat it for one full one.

  • Wow, if you could take one positive from that game, it was the Hayman schooled again, a break promising clear.

  • But this is a little we brought in one.

  • I like the ones, just him, and I think that could walk.

  • But I think war.

  • But it just goes down a little bit too much with the years.

  • Think Dominic all meant, for example, what brought employees when Gus get Forrester?

  • Yeah, we're going and get in other players like hangman in my brain.

  • Amend What?

  • Bodenheimer.

  • Am I sending him back to Boomer?

  • I mean, a name of good today, Alan.

  • He's not really impressed me to be fair, but he's on the part of your game so you can't judge a player from a few games, but again, not a player.

  • But he's gonna based on Let's talk everybody.

  • But Wednesday night full.

  • One of hearts have already mentioned simply.

  • Don't get enough for Rangers.

  • Not good enough.

  • There wasn't enough hunger passion.

  • I'm bashing on that patch.

  • The head's been done in.

  • Tavernier described the eyes a speed bump, and he's had a lot of criticism from this.

  • But I don't think it was me knitting by adult Frankie restrained here, offend anyone, but it sort of gives off the impression that the police aren't really feeling that defeat is badly is, it finds, because the funds are devastated.

  • We've embarrassed by that.

  • That was an embarrassing performance for the Rangers team.

  • Yes, 10 castles, that really difficult place to go.

  • All the teams have went down being defeat is that really intimidating atmosphere because it finds also already on you.

  • But for one, that's embarrassing.

  • But today is a new D A.

  • While back, I Brooks on is up to those pills on the manager to get it right today.

  • If we're not playing, we're in a force 10 15 minutes.

  • The fines are gonna be on the players, but on the managers.

  • But so it's really important that we start faster.

  • There is a massive game for Mark Warburton, I Randall's career defining game for my war.

  • Britain that result not good enough.

  • The finds a good bill on his back.

  • He needs to burn spot any submit the correct decisions.

  • I mean it.

  • You go there and one and often win and stale.

  • But do I think we can do that personally?

  • No.

  • But hope I'm wrong.

  • Somebody, Every school production today.

  • I think the school's gonna be 21 Rangers, nothing extravagant.

  • Nothing extraordinary to one.

  • Maybe even scrape up.

  • But I hope I'm wrong.

  • Hopefully, we get an illegal.

  • Defines it up while singing, having a great time, and it's back to being the rewards.

  • Come on, Rangers, Let's do this way, Theo, Wait!

  • Thats afternoon.

  • One in defense.

  • One midfield, one friend.

  • What's the main thing in that fish?

  • Using squad and keeping it fresh with a lot of boys who have been outstanding force and have a lot of minutes on the pitch on the minds of a couple of Rangers?

  • Sometimes, as it's going by Mikhail in season Lee Wallace to a couple of games, injury is good.

  • Let's take him out again.

  • You're fresh and go back in.

  • Great.

  • After demoting us free changes from the heart, much people are killed and send their orders coming in for him.

  • How these dropped, We hope back in the former and gardeners by eventually y con don't bench Theo.

Hello and welcome back to another.


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