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  • well breaking news to report to you guys right now.

  • We have learned that.

  • So you think you can dance?

  • Taught Danny Tin well has passed away at the age of 35 years old, of course, Danny Ted, well, back on Season three was the runner up.

  • This is all the way back in 2007 when he was just 22 years old at the time.

  • Tit well is also the brother of the dance.

  • So you think you can dance choreographer Travis Wall?

  • Now they're adopted brothers, but what a relationship.

  • These two had a very heartfelt tribute from his brother Travis Wall on social media about the loss of Danny Tidwell.

  • Right now we're getting unconfirmed reports that Ted will had passed away from a car accident.

  • I don't have complete 100% confirmation on that as of yet, but that is going around right now that it was a car accident that he was involved with.

  • We do understand that he passed away on Friday at some point so extremely a sad news here.

  • Everybody from So you think you can dance?

  • Is Chai Ming in here with nothing but nice things to say about Danny, all the contributions he made not only to the show, but also all the everything he's done with dance outside of the show.

  • Even since then, just truly a tragedy hit on Lee, 35 years old.

  • That is way, way too young to go in this world.

  • And Travis Wall is asking for prayers for their entire family, especially both of his parents.

  • So we'll definitely be doing that, keeping the all of the family in our prayers.

  • This this time, guys, the operator Leave your thoughts here on Danny Tim well down below in the comments section, I'll put some more information here in the description of this video as well.

  • Thank you guys.

  • So much for watching.

  • I really do appreciate it.

  • I'll be back with more.

  • You guys take care.

  • Please be safe out there.

  • God bless each and every single one of yours, and I'll talk with you soon.

well breaking news to report to you guys right now.


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新聞:《你以為你會跳舞》明星丹尼-蒂德維爾去世,享年35歲。 (BREAKING: 'So You Think You Can Dance' Star Danny Tidwell Dead At 35)

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