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  • Good morning.

  • It's that time of the year.

  • Michigan, Will we fall back an hour?

  • So this is how you reset the clock in your mini.

  • You're gonna go down here between the two seats with control knob, and you're gonna rotate until you come to my mini, which be on the left hand side, pushed out in that knob to select it.

  • And then we're gonna rotate either up or down to system settings.

  • Select it, then rotate up or down to date and time.

  • Select it, and then we can either select automatic time setting.

  • If it has that feature or we can rotate down to time, select it, then rotate up because we're falling back an hour, select it and half the hours correct.

  • And the minutes are correct.

  • We can select it again.

  • Select it.

  • And then there you go.

  • You're all set.

  • We just press menu to exit out.

Good morning.


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MINI Cooper夏令時鐘 (MINI Cooper Daylight Savings Clock)

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