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  • This is good early phases from Scotland.

  • That fool's gone to ground.

  • Laidlaw has a look up the short side.

  • It's Jones.

  • Oh, it is.

  • Hold on debut Steward's gone over.

  • What a surprise that was early.

  • Try from Scotland when the crowd are loving it again.

  • Danger from Scotland as they go again around the fringes of but Scotland have turned it over and fraudster off Met ARDS away, striding the length he's got clerk outside him.

  • Oh, I don't think frosted as well as I could.

  • There.

  • Danger has been averted by Scotland, and Rory Lamont looks to run Scotland out of trouble.

  • It's Morrison onto Shore Lamont, and he gets away from the tackle on great invention shown by their Scott's against Scotland.

  • Building nicely deep in the French 22.

  • Blair's complaining, possessed is through on the friendship is penalized, attacking the man without the bull.

  • I think Wayne Barnes is saying so.

  • What?

  • It was destroyed, captain.

  • Guilty on that occasion.

  • Late law.

  • Simple conversion for him, Penalty added.

  • It's 10 mil to the Scots.

  • Grand Duke go over the top of leg law.

  • That's too easy.

  • Quick, pull this for the French.

  • Look for far, far less pursue.

  • That's easy.

  • That's clinical.

  • Finishing from the French hit straight back trend Duke over the top of his opposite number and super hands from Cluck, a new boy for phone.

  • Just with that lazy chick makes it look easy.

  • Touch clothes gaze when the Scottish Crump again coming under pressure and they can't contain the French on.

  • They've been penalized, and again he makes no mistakes.

  • Parents in its 10 apiece pottage off your face again.

  • The Scots penalized.

  • What confronts do with it.

  • It is being played here.

  • This is a freebie for the French Paris.

  • Look into the corner, but the pains outrun everyone.

  • But when Bonds comes back to the penalty, straightforward opportunity, power against successful.

  • That's 13 unanswered points for the French, and they take the lead for the first time this afternoon.

  • Thanks, counterattack.

  • It's club puts his head down, turned over by Barkley on De Luca's away, and he's moved it up and Lee Jones is in the corner for Scotland.

  • And for the first time in a long time, the Scots have scored two tries in an afternoon, all started by blind side Barkley.

  • Look at the sub on and it's Vernon with the assist on the place of Jones.

  • Outside couldn't be stopped.

  • Duncan were, and he makes no mistakes From the touchline in the Scots are back in front.

  • Paris spotted some space down the left side.

  • Malaysia makes a mockery of Jones, and men are there to try.

  • No one's stopping him from their men are under the poster.

  • Make the kick simpler on the French of back.

  • An emphatic style.

  • Too much space for this French attack.

  • One on one.

  • Lee Jones has been taught a lesson there.

  • A great vision from Malaysia for the onrushing meadow, and no one got close to the fullback.

  • And it's box sees trademark drop goal.

  • It's good people.

  • He just needs to get rid of this pool.

  • Julie does.

  • On the game's over, Scotland of battled hard, scored two tribes for the first time in a long time but have come up short again for the third type.

This is good early phases from Scotland.


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2012年最佳。 蘇格蘭VS法國,穆雷菲爾德,2012年2月26日星期日 (Best of 2012: Scotland vs France, Murrayfield, Sunday 26th February 2012)

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