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  • been getting his chances.

  • It's a newly created line for Rod Brind'Amour.

  • Second of three.

  • Sit back and enjoy this one.

  • Jordan Staal opposed by Nicole in the far wall at the point.

  • Chopped ahead by Takeshi Keynes Get after it once again.

  • Park Corner single spring.

  • Samantha Vogel and he scars.

  • Warren Fogel leaks and through unders Nielsen.

  • And maybe that's just the kind of Bring Cain Steen.

  • 44 seconds gone.

  • Carolina, often running and found, his new line mate warns.

  • Go and then dip.

  • Eat a gold.

  • It goes off with skate.

  • It's way back down.

  • Education erupts after that again.

  • Bobby Ryan.

  • Right corner.

  • Brian Gibbons passed behind his back for Gardner, Still in the outskirts.

  • Walmart Gardner shot after shot was blocked by a platinum s gone double eights in the right place to pounce on it.

  • Power play Goal.

  • Keynes have to nothing.

  • Lee, with a ton of velocity save off the right skin, sets up Joe Levinson, center rights looking the redline process in his own front porch.

  • Blythe Chance, passed in a home, has broken into near point, held in by a mental break.

  • That's hockey Baby Sebastian, home on a breakaway picks it.

  • Three hurricanes have been dangerous.

  • Dead center over the line outside, right way, cruising way with a non deflection out in front at surprises.

  • Onders Nielsen Malaria Offensive line.

  • Lee Take Clary gets off for fresh troops, and then you get about Carol glory second, which has made it for Carolina, 3 40 left in the second year.

  • Ring.

  • Terrifying.

  • Pulls up.

  • Looks around with that's it.

  • What a terrifying cerebral, as always, Pulled up.

  • Take care of your own working cohesion with defense.

  • Get a little scoop by nature's Not Out.

  • Held in again by Tyler.

  • Plays it shut up has been broken.

  • At the side of the goal was Colin White on a loose place.

  • He cashes in on his back and after Mirage misplayed it, 1 35 left in the second period.

  • Involved in the game.

  • Like getting to the end boards on this wraparound hits the she goes here, side threatening shot on, and it looks like it's a legal eagle for Sebastian before he hammers it home.

  • You could see a lot circles in front doorstep banging Chuck.

  • It's in, and a penalty was being called for hooking.

  • So if this punk was on its way in.

  • I think it's a cool.

  • I think it's a goal to Gordon.

  • Stone will settle down.

  • She's calling for these one timer stop safe Anderson and then the traffic lights cane center.

  • Pesci leads the way.

  • Passing here with a writer takes the shot.

  • Pulls up for nature's across steady Eddie with his first as a Hurricane.

  • Joe Benson from downtown.

  • Makes it a two Caroline left side.

  • Cock it.

  • Fire way Honored Our great veterans.

  • Carolina Hurricanes put together a quality quality you ever hear eight to win over the Ottawa senator.

been getting his chances.


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NHL亮點|參議員隊VS颶風隊- 2019年11月11日 (NHL Highlights | Senators vs. Hurricanes– Nov. 11, 2019)

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