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  • You're a wizard day.

  • Mr Porter, We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted.

  • Place salt on your head.

  • Griffin.

  • Welcome to your first blindness.

  • Everyone step up to the left side of the room when I blow my whistle.

  • I want each of you Did you bring it back?

  • Bring it back!

  • Bring it back.

  • Bring it back to me.

  • Oh, you're bringing back the elevator again.

  • You better get your elevator that you like.

  • Hey, Theo!

  • Demented skills is the ability to make objects fly.

  • Don't forget the nice wrist movement we've been practicing.

  • Way everyone.

  • Harry, you look good.

  • Coming off the bench while long coming off the court.

  • Fully drenched Pickles.

  • Hey, the rain!

  • Get your thirst Quench.

  • Still want him in this trench?

  • He's both happy world.

  • Every inch.

You're a wizard day.


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B2 中高級

"哈利波特 "返校大會 ("Harry Potter" Homecoming Assembly)

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