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  • Hi, I'm t.

  • Cooper.

  • I'm in New York City, makeup artists, hairstylists and co founder of Beauty and Grooming Company Metro.

  • Look, today we're gonna talk about how to do a Rosie the Riveter hairstyle for a long hair.

  • As you can see, my model today has super duper long hair.

  • She was actually saying today that she didn't realize how long her hair got in.

  • We're going to cheat this style because typically, it's always curled up.

  • But since our hair is really long, it's gonna take forever to curl all of it.

  • So she's got layers in the front.

  • So we curled this part really, really tightly, and we're just going to smooth it on over, and we're gonna go in with some hair spray.

  • Now, if you know anything about Rosie the Riveter, she wears her little scarf and she does this right, So it's gonna put this out the way and I've got a scarf.

  • My scarf is huge, But what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna take this huge scarf and I'm gonna fold it in half one more time to make it not so huge.

  • So we're gonna go in and before I do the scarf.

  • I am going to put her hair into a ponytail for this.

  • I'm going to use a bungee, and I'm going to go up a little bit higher.

  • And this does not need to be the neatest pony tail in the world, because, honestly, you're not going to see it.

  • So I'm just gonna throw it into a ponytail.

  • You see, it's really not that high.

  • It's not that perfect.

  • I'm not brushing it cause you're not going to see any of this.

  • And I'm all about not exerting too much effort unnecessarily.

  • So now we're just gonna put it in a little bun right here.

  • My opinion.

  • It's a place.

  • I'm gonna pin it from both sides even though it's gonna be in a scarf.

  • We still want to make sure that this is gonna be nice and secure, but honestly, really don't have to.

  • But I'm just doing it for safekeeping.

  • So now I'm going to go in with my pre folded scarf, and it's I'm using a silk one typically use cotton, but still, because what I had Mama loves silk, and I'm gonna tie a little, not right here.

  • But since it's a little bit slippery.

  • I'm going to go in with my bobby pins and I'm just gonna pin the scarf to her head so that it doesn't move.

  • This is totally optional.

  • If you have a cotton scarf, you might not need to do this.

  • But if you have silk like me, you may need to.

  • So then I'm going to gather the rest of the hair.

  • I'm gonna open the knot.

  • That's why I tied it kind of loose so that I can throw this in here and now I'm going to make a night now.

  • It'll be a tight knot and just, like, pull it adjusted.

  • Tell God it however you want, and that's what it looks like from the side.

  • And we've got our Rosie the river there with long hair.

  • I'm t.

Hi, I'm t.


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如何做Rosie the Riveter的長髮:Updos及更多。 (How to Do Rosie the Riveter Hair for Long Hair : Updos & More)

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