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  • now 1/3 person has tested positive in the UK for Corona virus.

  • The patient did not catch the virus in China, where the vast majority of cases have been found, but elsewhere in Asia before traveling to the U.

  • K.

  • And has been taken to a Specialist N HS treatment center.

  • Meanwhile, China's ambassador to the UK Luge Arming has accused the British government off overreacting to the virus outbreak.

  • Our correspondent Rupert Wingfield Hayes reports now from Hong Kong.

  • Thing is, what happens when fear takes hold shops in Hong Kong Today we're being cleared for rice and toilet paper as rumors swirled of a complete shutdown of the border with mainland China.

  • Out in Hong Kong harbor, a huge cruise ship, the virus possibly loose on board.

  • Several passengers have tested positive and no one is being allowed off from his balcony.

  • Hensley Lee could look out of his hometown with a heart that can't go there.

  • I am nervous, but only thing we can do is stay in all cabins and be careful.

  • Hong Kong has now at least five cases of people with the Corona virus who haven't been to mainland China and haven't had any apparent contact with people from mainland China.

  • Also, three of them live in the same place.

  • That is this building behind me here.

  • And that may be the first indication of what is called community transmission that is the virus passing from one person to another.

  • Here in Hong Kong, experts here say they are now not optimistic that the virus can be contained.

  • That a full pandemic, maybe on the way.

  • Not so, according to the Chinese ambassador to London today, went on the offensive, insisting China has the situation under control.

  • It is our hope that the government's off all countries, including the UK, should understand and support China's efforts.

  • Respect the professional advice off the new H o a boy over reaction, a boy creating panic but at the same time, from Will Han pictures the like of which we haven't seen in generations stadiums, gymnasiums and conference centers all being turned into fever centers.

  • So desperate is the shortage of beds for the sick.

  • When the heart sends out Emma by phone today, I managed to talk to a young woman in Wuhan who described to me the stress of not knowing what is really going on and what to believe Way don't feel safe.

  • We don't know how the violet is passed from one person to another, but we can't stay at home all the time.

  • You know, we don't know when this will end.

  • We don't know when we'll be able to return to normal life.

  • That's very stressful.

  • There is some good news thes air patients who have recovered leaving hospital today.

  • But tonight we learned that the virus had killed this man, Dr Lee Wen liang.

  • In early December, this brave Wuhan doctor had attempted to warn the authorities about the spread of a dangerous new virus.

  • His warnings were ignored.

  • Rupert Wingfield Hayes, BBC News in Hong Kong Let's go live now to ST Thomas's Hospital in London, where the latest case in the UK is being dealt with.

  • You pay my health editor is there.

  • What's the latest there?

  • Hugh, Are you the patient?

  • A middle aged man was brought here this afternoon to the Specialist Infectious Diseases Treatment Center.

  • He'd been taken ill in Brighton on, was isolated at home before testing positive Now is understood that he traveled in recently to the UK from Singer Port on health authorities of briefed that he did not contract this virus in China.

  • So on the back of that, they've extended their guidance to people coming into the U.

  • K.

  • Up until today, anyone coming in from China who developed symptoms was urged to self isolation, called on HS 111 They've now extended that guidance to anyone coming in from some other Asian countries, including Japan, Malaysia and Singapore.

  • So where does this leave us tonight?

  • Will the chief medical officer for England, Chris Witty, working with the U.

  • K's other chief medical officer's, says this remains a serious problem for China, but the store relatively few cases beyond that.

  • If that remains the case, they say the N H s can cope with what's thrown at them.

  • If the W Wait show changed their guidance and it becomes a global pandemic that could create serious pressure for the N.

  • H s.

  • Many thanks again, you pimp.

now 1/3 person has tested positive in the UK for Corona virus.


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