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  • thanks for talking to us for on It's Wednesday, five days after the big news, why we're here and why are we talking now?

  • Well, I think the club has to say something about this.

  • He has to say for ourselves, for our stakeholders, for the fans and for the whole Manchester City family around the world.

  • However, we have to be careful.

  • We have to be respectful as we have been off this process, the process continues.

  • I wish I could say more.

  • I wish I could have been speaking five minutes after this was announced.

  • But I did have to take legal advice off One can and cannot be shared.

  • But I do hope that I will be able to share enough to understand what we are and where we're going.

  • City have been found guilty in the financial fair Play chamber off financial run doing on dhe noncooperation.

  • How do you want us to those two charges?

  • The most important thing I have to say today is that the allegations are not true.

  • They're simply not on in terms of the owner putting his own money into the football club via sponsorships.

  • The owner has not put money in this club that has not been properly declare.

  • We had a sustainable for book club.

  • We are profitable.

  • We don't have that.

  • Our accounts have bean scrutinized many times by auditors by regulators by investors and this is perfectly clear.

  • And in terms of the non cooperation, what didn't we cooperate with?

  • Well, we did cooperate with this process.

  • We deliver a long least off documents on support that we believe this reputable evidence that the claims are not true.

  • And it was hard because we did this in context, off information being leaked to the media in the context off, feeling that every step of the way, every engagement we had, we felt that we were considered guilty before anything was even discussed.

  • But at the end, you know, this is an internal process that has been initiated and then prosecuted and then judge by these ffb chamber.

  • The club was very aggressive in its statement calling in a prejudice process when we posted it on Friday and that was kind of a new tone for us.

  • Why was that?

  • Well, this was our experience.

  • This is the way we felt all the way through this process off course.

  • A lot of people come now and say, What were you expecting?

  • This is the way it works.

  • You should have expected the negative outcome the way the system is designed.

  • But we didn't believe that we work very hard.

  • We provided all kind of evidence.

  • But at the end, these FFT investigatory chamber relied more on out of context stolen e mails.

  • But all the other evidence that we provide it or what actually happened, and I think it's normal that we feel like we feel ultimately based on our experience in our perception, this seems to be less about justice and more about politics.

  • So now we go to cuff on.

  • The club has been there once already.

  • Now we're going again.

  • What's the difference?

  • Well, this is how the system works.

  • We went to cast in the middle of the process because it was clear to us that we were not having a fair process.

  • And we were concerned we were specifically concerned about the leaks, the content, constant leak of information and cash.

  • Said there was married in our complaint.

  • They said that the leaks were worrisome and they said they will judge it when the process is finished, so the process is finished.

  • Now we're going to cast again.

  • This seems to be going on and on.

  • What's the time scale Here.

  • What?

  • We're looking up.

  • We're looking for an early resolution, obviously through a thorough process and a fair process.

  • But my best hope is that this will be finished before the beginning of the summer.

  • Until then, for us, this business as usual first saved from that This is probably among some of the most frustrating and negative experiences the club has gone through.

  • Is out for thing to say.

  • That experience with these FFB investigatory chamber has been negative for us more than what I would have imagined.

  • But this is not your effort.

  • We're not talking about the whole of you ever, which is, ah, association off associations.

  • I personally know many people that work at you ever very hard for the benefit off your effort, but also for the benefit off the clubs off your for like hours and for the benefit off football.

  • If the negative experience that we had in the way these process went is negative is negative also for them you If I it's much bigger than these ffb chamber.

  • So from what's next, what you're looking for, all we're looking for is a proper adjudication in an independent and impartial body.

  • That's gonna take the time to look at all the evidence and look at these without preconception.

  • I'm also looking for the end of these process toe.

  • Maybe also put an n on this 100 tone that we're hearing all the time that anything that we do, any result that we get is based only on money and not on talent or effort.

  • You know, the hundreds of people that work in this club?

  • No, this is not true that eighties about effort and talent.

  • So maybe at the end, this is an opportunity.

  • So you spill into pet.

  • What's this situation?

  • Well, obviously, Pepper has been kept informed about this process, but this is not something for him to respond to is focus on the football.

  • He's focusing on the game, the game at hand.

  • The game today begin tomorrow in the next weeks as well as the players, the calm and the focus.

  • And this matter is more business and a legal matter than a football from this has been tough on you on everyone in the organization, but it's been tough for the funds to before we wrap up this Chuck, have you got a message for them?

  • Defense can be sure off to thinks the 1st 1 is the allegations are false, and the second is that we will do everything that can be done to prove So we know the fans are supporting us.

  • We can fill it.

  • Manchester City fans have gone through challenges for decades.

  • This is just another challenge.

  • We'll stick together, we'll go through it and we will not let the club or the fans down.

thanks for talking to us for on It's Wednesday, five days after the big news, why we're here and why are we talking now?


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