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  • Hey, what's up, guys?

  • And keep PhD here and today we have a bit of an exclusive something that you haven't seen anywhere else on the Internet, and this is the first place you're getting to see it with me here.

  • So this is a live case for Nexus.

  • So if you have a nexus six p or a Nexus five X, and this is a case that you can get made for your phone now, it's a little bit interesting process.

  • Google has decided to share with me, so I'm gonna turn around and share that right back with you.

  • Let's go and take a look at a highlight.

  • So here's how it works.

  • You might remember this image.

  • I thought it was a wallpaper in like half my videos.

  • This is a faster by Justin Mallory shadow to Justin.

  • He's done a ton of awesome art like this.

  • I'll like his stuff right below that like button.

  • So to make the case, you upload your image to Google's live case design studio.

  • It's a Web app just for this so you can upload and then dragon position to picture how you like on the case centered up, fill the area.

  • Do what you gotta do, and there it is.

  • And if it's a super simple image, you can even further customize it with a couple of built in effects for adding color.

  • Or like a dual tone look or stripes or patterns or whatever you want.

  • Now the faster here is already pretty complex, so I'm just going to appreciate it in all its original glory.

  • Boom.

  • That's it.

  • You can choose between matte and glossy, and you're done, and that is what your case will look like, according to the site, for when you should get it.

  • And as you can see in real life, it's pretty much on point with how it looks on the site.

  • It's a direct conversion between the image you uploaded, whether it's one that you took on your phone.

  • Or maybe photography or art is your hobby.

  • Whatever you want.

  • It's a direct conversion of that, and it's a quality print to mean this happens to be a four K image.

  • But most photos you take are larger than that.

  • And just like that, you have a one toe, one limited edition nexus case.

  • And even if you don't have a photo you want to use, but also what you use a Google Maps location.

  • So let's say there's a city or a spot on the map that's special to you may be a dope bridge or your favorite park or the location of a new studio.

  • Whatever it might be on Google Maps, you can position exactly how you want on the case and get it made like that, but also some customization of the style of the map.

  • So you can be sure that your spot is truly one of a kind.

  • So live cases is pretty unique, and it's actually pretty decent case as far as they go.

  • I mean, obviously, I'm not a huge case person, but these are designed specifically by Google for these phones.

  • So the port cutouts and button cutouts and the fingerprint reader are all pretty much precise are on point.

  • And there's also a bit of protection, which is Thea Vantage of a case.

  • So the lip on the front extends just a tiny bit past the glass, so if your phone goes face down on a surface, you don't risk any scratching.

  • Now here's a cherry on top.

  • Inside every live case.

  • There's an NFC tag button when you install the case for the first time in Press the button, you get linked to the play store to download the life cases app.

  • That's a new app, and then the apple that you set the image you originally uploaded as your wallpaper for a little do color action front and back.

  • So after you said that the life cases apple let you set the button as a shortcut to something else.

  • So to toggle the flashlight, open the camera, talk a WiFi or even open any app you want on your phone.

  • So for the sake of an example, let's say I calculate a lot of things.

  • I need the calculator app a lot, so I'll set the case button to open the calculator app Now any time I want wherever I am, press and hold that button for a second and boom calculator.

  • So I think this is pretty cool.

  • I have a couple other version.

  • Seriously, you can see this image is one of the best smartphone photos I've ever taken in the fog, with some triangles for effect.

  • This one is just the M K Bhd logo front Center.

  • No customization, and this one is the Golden Gate Bridge.

  • Can you see it?

  • It's an overhead Google maps to you See, Now you see, it can pretty much guarantee no one else has a case like that.

  • So they have it.

  • That's a pretty quick and simple way toe literally customize your phone in a way that nobody else can and just kind of gets me thinking more about, like customizing your devices and electronics.

  • I did a dope Tech episode all about custom Tech, where you can skin your phone.

  • You could get a custom painted.

  • It's just another thing to add to that list, so I'll leave that link below if you want to check that out as well.

  • Either way, that's pretty much it.

  • Thank you for watching, and I'll talk to guys the next one base.

Hey, what's up, guys?


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