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Folk dog Female joint skillet head on me.
What's the point of it?
These knickers?
I'm disappointed in K with me, Like on a man.
If she bring a friend, she joining them.
My gang official.
We born a wind.
I'm rolling.
We'd important Another plane.
Not bored again.
Not built by Bill.
Born again, the minute sky soaring there got a few guys bringing foreigners in Be kicking the door for him.
I was on the floor with them making the limit is forming it by wrapping them in absorbing show upon very import.
And they'd be like Isa Khalifa.
Of course it is.
You don't have to force the kid.
Thing came with the force.
The bitch making the money.
It never made me again.
Never play me.
Was that classic next to Jay Z?
Jay Z smoking a joint when Nazis were speeds took off this Elaine's ones on my feet.
I'll get my gun.
I can't.
This is so damn really realizing that I'm the man ever really want to do what I can smoke in that gas I share with my family foot on the gas.
I stick to the plan.
You don't know me personal.
Please call me Cam.
And if you do this and we should begin your hand, e turned to the boss.
Got time to the middleman.
You hear me talking about living?
It's all 100 that don't got a gimmick pulling my card.
And I don't got no limits.
Well, in that quiet up, I'm like a chemist waiting up all on my end up in Guinness.
I know.
They probably think I'm a magician with dollar the bitches.
I'm at the top.
I don't see competition, if you will me.
When I talk, you listen.
Once the money, do not get the distance.
Cancer millions.
I got them intentions and nobody came from the bottom.
My name is Simon, not don't even ask for permission.
And they line up Vanessa for pictures.
Hard to imagine that I'm living.


Wiz Khalifa - Use Your Manners

6 分類 收藏
林宜悉 發佈於 2020 年 3 月 9 日
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